"The soul king is said to have abdicated his position and left for another dimension, perhaps out of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs where Shinigmi fought Hollows, hollows killed humans, Quincy humans destroyed hollows, and Shinigamis acted like imperial masters to everyone else. Since Ichigo is part Human, Part Shinigami, Part Hollow, and probably Part Quincy, there would be no better candidate than he for the role of a unifier, who could project the soul king's vision of the spiritual and material worlds than he."
-Paul Bee

This statement by Paul got me thinking. If the soul king abdicated his position and left for another dimension.. then he must be in a dimension we know of. IE, he must be on earth, in the soul society, or in hueco mundo/hell. As those are the only other dimensions that exist in bleach that we know of.

So who could it be? Who's motives are completely undiscernable throughout the entire manga? Who's been more of an observer and teacher to Ichigo? (grooming him for the job?) Who has been completely untouchable in combat? Who seems to have a solution for every problem? Who was there to spare Ichigo when Aizen had him beat? I think you may be catching my drift by now.


That character is enshrouded in nothing but mystery. He was apart of soul-society for a bit, heading a science department working on strange and powerful artifacts (Hogyoku). He was living on earth in secrecy awaiting Ichigo to come of age. He helped groom his hollow powers. He saved him from Aizen.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that he is a likely candidate? Or do you foresee something entirely different?