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    I wonder why Aizen was showed in Tousens flashback?

    Aizen, always so badass - gotta love the guy!


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    Aizen Vs Shinji fight reminds me of Itachi Vs Sasuke....all of them were fight through illusion.
    Anyone did notice Itchigo has gained all his Reitsu because his cloths was covering all of his body? Or am i wrong?

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    I dont understand y shinji would tell aizen his abilities...i mean aizen will get it sooner or later...but i'd rather later if i were him and maybe get a few more hits in. but still the 1st guy to injure aizen that is just smexy....n the 'relationship' between tousen n komamura is disturbing. I mean no matter how gd a fren he was he just tried to kill u n then u start going gay over him? no way man...

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    doubt aizen murdered tousen was probably gin lol and i think that dog koma is barking up the wrong tree

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    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    shinji just had to tell aizen everything about his ability? Could have just gone shikai and boom! But I guess this is bleach-

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    Quote Originally Posted by merciless View Post
    shinji just had to tell aizen everything about his ability? Could have just gone shikai and boom! But I guess this is bleach-

    Yeah, nothing makes sense sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    Ah, the love between a dog and a blind man....
    lol, his seeing dog

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    It doesn't matter whether shinji told aizen his abilities or not. Aizen would have figured it out on his own after the first few attacks anyway, so shinji's explanation was more for the audience.

    Anyway, shinji's zanpakuto has a very creative interesting power, although yeah it is something that you can "get used" to it. So the first strike is critical, he should have aimed for somewhere vital like the neck but he screwed it up... now aizen is already used to it lol.

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    Now not to start off all negative but is there really a point to telling your opponent how your ability works?

    - I know its sort of like why they feel the need to yell out a technique in battle as it would be a rude for an enemy to die without knowing what killed him.

    - Anyways was a great chapter and I liked seeing Aizen bleed and disrupt the illusion of being an untouchable god.

    - He figured out Hirako's ability but it would have taken him longer if he didn't explain how it works.

    - Tousen regains himself at the end the explodes into a bloody mess fantastic!

    - Ichigo showing up at the end was a nice surprise and as I expected he approached from behind.

    - The whole idea of 1 on 1 fights seems like a waste of time when SS has the advantage in numbers.

    - Yamamoto should quickly kill of Gin then join in on Aizen but once again Gin is ignored.

    Will Aizen end here or will Ichigo come close but fail and Aizen fall back?

    Cant wait too see this has been the build up battle....

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    ha! told ya tousen wasnt dead yet...well i would assume his ass is grass now chapter...i think there is still more to shinji's ability..we will see...i hope ichigo gets owned soon so we can see kisuke and company

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