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    just had a thought unrelated to the chapter, who wants to bet that zeref is a dragon slayer? :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaaarrrggh View Post
    And my favorite one, arguing with non existing people :
    The mans over 400 years old and spent most that time alone. What did you expect?

    I Love You!

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    that man is a fucking ghost. And he seems pretty serious arguing alone :/
    Read and buy DOROHEDORO !!!!!! This seinen is just amazing

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    Didn't someone in the grouo mention something about "illusions with own personalities?"
    upper right panel on page 16

    the wierd thing is illusions being afraid of anything in particular. considering how they seem to be aware of it while dissapearing. I do have to agree that it does seem rather sudden turn of events, but before reading the chapter I wondered "now how do we get Wendy to join Fairy Tail?" and in that sense he deliverd albeit awkwardly.
    I wonder which Gerard Wendy owns. For some reason I think Gerard is a "military Clone" (maybe I shouldn'T have read toaru mahjutsu no index) cause if gerard and mistgun happen to be twins, or even octaplets, or however you'd name that I'm gonna scream.
    Imagine "Gerard, I am your brother" "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, wait that's not bad" well probably better thatn "I am a lacryma-based copy of some evil/powerful wizard designed to combat future threats, and guess what, SO IZ YOU DOG!"

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    Fairy Tail Chapter 164 Discussion/165 Predictions

    Dam what an emotional chapter. Now Gerard finally remembers. It seems pretty obvious that Fairy Tail is goona go rogue for the sake of Gerard now.

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