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    Orochimaru/Danzou/Sasuke/Madara Theory

    WOW i just spent a whole hour writing a theory and then it logged me out so i lost everything. i dont feel like writing the whole thing again but heres a quick summary.

    1.4th hokage, Jiraiya, and Itachi all said it was Madara who was in control of Kyuubi 16 years ago. The rumor to everyone was that it was a natural incideint, while Madara also says it to Sasuke which is a LIE since its confirmed by the 3.
    That means everything Madara told Sasuke is true except the attack on village which means the whole Uchiha massacre was MADARAs fault and not Konoha.

    2. A common theme in this book is revenge. Madara got his revenge on Uchiha but not KONOHA yet, thus using Sasuke=so sasuke is a puppet that thinks konoha was responsible for uchiha massacre.
    Itachi let Madara get his revenge on Uchiha in return for safety of KOnoha..but do u think Madara the ultimate villain is going to FORGIVE...he is still planning to revenge on Konoha breaking the promise.

    3.Shisui was supposedly killed by Itachi for him to gain mangekyo sharingan. But then how did Shisui write a suicide note when Itachi couldnt control people yet? Answer would be Madara killed him...and Danzou gained the eyes there...which means Danzou didnt have sharingan till then.

    4.Orochimaru and Madara have common things=both rebirth/snake. High emphasis on dislike for Itachi but couldnt do anything. Both wanted the 3rd to be gone.High emphasis on Danzou getting to Kabuto before Anko(has tsunades ideals which means 3rds ideals thus opposite of Danzou).I think Danzou kind of sees a small connection between Orochimaru and Madara and thats why he wants Kabuto before Ankdo. Also Danzou is not trying to get to Kabuto before Anko just for sending Sai's secret mission of them joining forces(otherwise Danzou should then go kill the whole 7th team if s0)
    If orochimaru had something to do with Danzou, then Madara is also envolved as a high similarity to Orochimaru.
    Why would madara attack 16 years ago precisley? It was near a time when Orochimaru was experimenting and giving rebirth and playing with cells thus could of been reponsbible for reviving a portion of Madara....
    Madara and Orochimaru both want Sasuke to become stronger. For orochimaru=to transfer body
    For madara=unkown yet, but definently is making him fight strong people(kages) on purpose

    Anyways I had everything laid out, but they completely wiped out my stuff!!
    Let me know what u guys think.
    Though Danzou and Madara had a lot to gain recently, now that Danzou is the 5th Hokage, but since Madara did not have his revenge on Konoha yet is even if they were cooerperating, now their goals conflict to a point in which Madara still needs to get his revenge on Konoha.
    Also Sasuke doesnt know yet, Madara/Tobi was responsible for the whole Uchiha massacre due to him starting the attack on Village.
    Why would Madara attack village with kyubi? To put blame on Uchiha and make Konoha suspicious which worked out exactly in his favor and now even has Sasuke under control by lying that simple thing to him.
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