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    Quote Originally Posted by maxie009 View Post
    bt the way the shirt is torn was odd
    lol anyone can explain?
    She was all of 2 or 3' tall and transformed to 6' tall adult. She was only wearing old rags no bigger than a Tshirt. So for practicality of not having a nude arrancar it tore in all the right places =)

    And i agree with greenmoon666 I realy hope we didnt just spend all that time on Grimjaw just for him to get over written with new plot and characters....KT has to do something with him.

    uchihaclan: LoL...Im just saying that if nothing is done with GJ that fight will TRUELLY have been tooo damn long for no reason at all.
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    Grimmjow: help me...
    Dr. Nick: Holy smokes you need boos. *Throws pocket change*

    Grimmjow is either lying there bleeding to death or sitting back and watching the fight. But yeah Noitora had that "osht" look on his face. I believe TK uses smoke to show battle aura like how AT used flaming electricity and spiked hair to signify some sort of change in power.

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    I hope that Nell will play as a decoy so that Ichigo and Inoue can escape. First kill Tesla, then take on Noitora, but then gets killed or something... people should die in Bleach.. will make it a better series. And not just Chad or something, but like Rukia

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    I was expecting this chapter that Nell will transform and it came ture!

    I hope she will beat Noitora up.

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    i bet her released state has healing powers and she heals both ichigo and gj n they kick ass

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    i think that transformation was predictable. Well, i didnt expect nel's boobs to be so big.

    i wonder why i'm still reading bleach.

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    seriously i mean seriously wtf is up with bleach this is just waaaaay too played out already. one more thing that transforms into a beautiful grown woman...seriously thats just not so original anymore

    it was good enough with the cat

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    Oh well now thats intresting. It is possible that I seeing things but I thought that I saw Nells grownup face somewhere before, so I checkted the early chapters and I think I found her. I think its not a bad suggestion at all.

    I think that the grownup face of Nell has great similarity to Ichigos mother.
    What do you think about that it?

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    I hope a fight with Nell and Noitora occur and Noitora beats her up, If Noitora dies it will actually be a pretty big blow to the espada since he is #5 and the Winter War is coming up and if it's only 4 espada + 2 shinigami vs. All of Soul Society, Vaizards, and Ichigo's gang it just wouldn't be fair or all that great of an major final conflict.

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    where in the manga is the winter war mentioned? I keep hearing about it but the only mention of a winter time frame is in the anime....which will clearly not cover that much plot in a couple of months. I Think the "Winter War" spoken of by the anime is the engagement in HC. Unless they are planning to pull a Trigun and spin the anime off the manga time line and take the story on its own....which would really suk.

    PS Why do people waste time watching shows they dont like and then bad mouth them on the internet??? I dont watch Naruto just to get in these forums and slam it. Respect others interests and utilize your time better.
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