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    episode was great, and the flashbacks in color was not bad, but the best thing was seeing sasagay had some feeling for his evil brother ^^

    looking forward for the next episode, attacked by killer bee....

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    Oh a very classy episode closing the chapter on Itachi very nice.

    - Kid Itachi was so ( ^_^ ) then Sasuke was like (^_^) and they where like ( ^_^ ) (^_^)

    - Looking at the future upcoming episodes there is no filler in sight which makes me wonder if there is gonna be a timeskip in the manga so they are just gonna go ahead with the anime till it catches up to the end then drop a long line of fillers like the did at the end of the first series.


    However cant really go into the manga here without revealing spoilers so I'l leave it at that.

    - Great episode and build up cant wait for the next one in 2 weeks.

    5/5 for me!

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    hi guys...greetings to all...
    i'm a newbie here.just joined mangashare cos i like naruto a lot.thanx and greets to all of naruto scanlators and anime uploader all over the world...
    you did a great job guys!!!

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