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    im actually happy that luffy got a second dose of hormones. After the battle he wont die, but he'll be in a coma from all the pain and exhaustion. Jimbei will take him shabondy or most likely to fishman island to heal while the rest of the crew meets up at shabondy and they do the next arc without luffy so we can see how much they've grown and to have them catch up to luffy. cause i personally think luffy can pretty much own zolo right now. Then after the fishman arc is all done, luffy wakes up and they head off to the new world after luffy eats everything on fishman island.

    Kinda sad to see WB, joz and marco get hurt so easily but that just shows me how much stronger garp and sengoku are since they haven't even done anything big yet.We havent really seen donflamingo or mihawk fight to their full ability. But it does look like the war's ending soon. Who knew ace was the sasuke of one piece....(by that i mean emo)

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    it seems we finally get to see some luffy-awesome time again.

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