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The problem with kubo is he did not emphasize or expanded anything about humans dieng...... its explained as general that if a human dies they go to SS whether their good or bad as a whole......... the only explanation we ever got was that if a hollow(who was once human) has done evil deeds are the once bound for hell..... he made it look like that the judgement between a human and a hollow is completely different.... and remember that outer district rokungai's are full of hooligans that kill and murder each other(were did this people come from?real world? maybe some, others maybe? who knows)... also the death of an arrancar/menos wasn't expanded....maybe later i don't know...but seeing this chapter because these 3 dudes..... humans die they go to SS in general without distinguishing from good or bad imo.... completely different from how they judge hollows

And regarding tsukishima....he died period...... remember what ginjou said when a FB's user dies the abilities that a fullbringer(tsukishima inflicted to his victims) will go away....... well at the end of the FB arc when riruka mentioned tsukishima to inoue... inoue asks "who is tsukishima?".... meaning his fullbring ability was no more since he died riding in the sunset
I thought Kubo said that Humans that had committed severe crimes as a human were sent to hell, such as killing innocent people (the hollow that was a famous serial murderer as a human, he put the boy's soul into the parakeet). The Zanpakuto only cleanses sins that were committed as a hollow.

still doesn't explain how the guy who killed his own wife made it, unless it's considered an accident?