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Lol you guys totally missing the point...

- The reason THAT Tenchuuren didn't have a return functing is to prevent anyone from sneaking into SS. If it had its own way to get back even Aizen could just simply walk right in there. This would also explain why Kuukaku is so strong, her purpose is to guard and protect that place since its the only way for ppl from the royal palace to get back.

- Kuukaku saved the fullbringers and now they are in debt to her. So in return for saving them she ordered them to train her brother so that he can become stronger for the upcoming war. He's not leading them and they aren't apart of his clan. I suppose after the deal is done everyone will go their separate ways. I wonder how Ukitake and Shunsui will react to the presence of Ginjo in SS.

-This "Uncle" is obviously who is close to Ichigo AND is kin to Kuukaku and Ganju. Of course this person is "obviously" isshin which would mean whoever Kuukaku's father is its isshin's brother as well.

- very glad the easy going, fearless, and cool Grimmjow is back! I'm sure the fans will be pleased. However, I'm kinda disappointed Kubo used a "One-Swipe Kill tactic" on a weakened Opi to introduce his new strength. Not impressed. But it makes me wonder if he's still weaker than Halibel "the King of HM" ?

- Effin LOVE the look on Mayuri's face at the site of Urahara, he's always salty in the presence of superior scientists especially Urahara. I kind feel for him because in the presence of Shutara and Kisuke he seems so tiny lol
Exactly my thought, except for Grimmjow's part. The only Arrancar I see powerful enough to be able to make a "deal" with Urahara is Ulquiorra in 2nd form.