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I'm not sure that I understand your confusion. If the Juubi created everything, as in, everything is derived from him, that would also include Rikudou's rinnegan right?

Also, about what the Juubi would do with the sharingan? The Sharingan is aligned with the yin part of creation so it would be used to imagine the world while the Rinnegan's yang alignment would be used to realize it.
Steve, the Rinnegan as we have learnt, is the amalgamation of the Sharingan (Yin), and Senju Lifeforce (Yang). In other words, the Rinnegan is Both Yin and Yang, therefore it does not require a separate Yin for its Yang.

Last Chapter, Kurama said of the Juubi, "That thing doesn't have feellings or ideals". I may not fully understand this, but the Juubi doesn't seem like the imaginative/creative type to me. I can see how it maybe lumbers dropping energy bombs here and there, which Randomly, over time, RANDOMLY (I repeat), resulted in what exists, pretty much like how random mutation ends up through natural selection, into giving us meaningful life forms.

Finally, the Sharingan as we've known it has had certain basic abilities, Genjutsu, Susanoo, Amaterasu. I somehow don't see how or why the Juubi would use these abilities.