I wonder if the contracted animal kingdoms would also be reached by infinite tsukiyomi. You could say that blood contract holders could function as a root or tether to those dimensions or explain other junctions between them but all in all i am quite curious if gamabunta and other summonable let pals would be dragged into madara's illusion.

I still want to know kabuto 's motives. I also wonder if he knew of the scroll and had also met the human who knows everything. Orochimaru doesn't seem to care about or fear anything akatsuki (or tobi or madara for that matter) do. If manipulating the war was the what the scroll allowed then has the war been manipulated already in that way? The human who knows everything has been talked about like it has all the answers to escape and defeat madara's scheme but at the price of several chapters if flashbacks, much of which probably overlaps or retells what we already know :/