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    Naruto Naruto 369 [RAW]

    By Kylara


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    Big version for scanlators:
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    HisshouBuraiKen, Carlos Net and Nihongaeri's translation are included in this thread.
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    wow. what a fun chapter. get some more back ground info on pein

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    By Nihongaeri

    Number 369: About Pain

    Page 1

    The Akatsuki leader, Pain, bringer of strife. What is the ambition he keeps within those eyes...?

    Page 2

    Frame 1:

    Frame 1:
    A shinobi roars with laughter!!

    Frame 2:
    There, now spill it! Tell me everything you know about Pain

    Frame 3:
    Guh... Pfft... Uh... Ugheh...

    Frame 4:
    Don't give in!

    Frame 5:
    I never betray... Uhguheh... My... Fellow... Heh... Pfft...

    Page 3

    Frame 1:
    You're a bit tougher than I expected... Seems this calls for my secret weapon

    Frame 2:
    Wh... What do you mean!?

    Frame 3:
    If you're not giving me anything, then I'll use my jutsu to... turn you into a frog!
    (The Japanese here is a pun, "turn [you] into a frog" = "kaeru ni kaeru", "frog" and "turn into" being homophonous)

    Frame 6:
    T... Turn you... Into... A frog...
    (Restating the pun here... I'll see if I can't think of something later)

    Page 4

    Frame 1:

    Frame 2, Nobeard:

    Frame 2, Beardguy:
    Just what is it you want, anyway!!?

    Frame 3:
    There, now spill it!

    Frame 4:
    We might be underlings, but we're still shinobi... We'll never betray our comrades!

    Frame 5:
    You can't do anything to change that! Don't you dare underestimate us!!

    Page 5

    Frame 1:
    Heh... Well then I have no choice...

    Frame 2, Jutsu:
    Ninpou - Kaeru Kaeru no Jutsu
    Ninja Art - Frog Transformation Jutsu
    (The pun again here)

    Frame 2, Nobeard:
    No... Don't!!

    Frame 4, Nobeard:
    *Ribbit Ribbit*

    Frame 4, Beardguy:
    You! How could you sink so low!!

    Frame 5:
    And you're next...

    Page 6

    Frame 1:
    Pain-sama resides within the tallest of the western towers... Or so they say

    Frame 2:
    Oh? What's this? Seems you betrayed your comrades quite easily... Huh...?

    Frame 3:
    But whatever... What do you mean by "or so they say"?

    Frame 4:
    ... The thing is... Nobody really knows all that much about Pain-sama

    Frame 5:
    And by that you mean?

    Page 7

    Frame 1:
    It's said his blood is that of the Fuuma-clan... But no one knows exactly what he looks like, and there's even those who suggest he doesn't truly exist

    Frame 2:
    Ah, but just from strolling about this city... Almost everyone mentioned his name, and with the utmost respect... Don't trifle with me now!

    Frame 3:
    In this city Pain-sama is effectively a god... Whether he physically exists or not isn't of issue... He looks over and protects us at all times

    Frame 4:
    Events of celebration, speeches, decrees... Every one of his words are transmitted through proxy

    Frame 5:
    But he's your leader, correct? Why would he need to conceal his identity?

    Page 8

    Frame 1:
    For situations like *this*, obviously...

    Frame 2:
    Very well...

    Frame 3:
    ... You... You're not part of the remnants of the former-Amagakure, are you? Who are you anyway?

    Frame 4:
    That's none of your concern... But tell me, just what do you mean by "remnants of the former-Amagakure"?

    Frame 5:
    Heh... You really don't know anything, do you? An outsider, huh...

    Frame 6:
    Until just a short time ago the remnant faction would infiltrate us at every chance they got, looking to kill Pain-sama... Of course such worries are behind us... If someone could hope sneak and blend in here, it'd be an lucky outsider, such as yourself

    Page 9

    Frame 1, Jiraiya:
    No more worries? Any that would mean just what? I *have* been told you're in the middle of a civil war

    Frame 1, Beardguy:
    I'd expect as much... This country is quite isolationistic... Here, I'll tell you

    Frame 2:
    This civil war is over with... And we are victorious!

    Frame 3:
    And that's the reason Pain-sama is a legend... He destroyed Amagakure... All by himself

    Frame 6:

    Page 10

    Frame 1:
    Regardless of how strong this Pain may be... Amagakure's leader, "Salamander Hanzou", is renowned to the point that every shinobi everywhere will recognize the name...!

    Frame 2:
    That's right... And processing not only immense power, Hanzou was highly cautious, approaching his side being a feat in itself

    Frame 3:
    Personal guards were stationed right by him in 24 hour rotations, and security was to the point that even children were searched before meeting him

    Page 11

    Frame 1:
    And just how was Hanzou killed? What are Pain's abilities?

    Frame 2:
    I told you already, we don't know anything!

    Frame 4:
    This battle... In all likelihood will end in Konoha's victory... I'll spare you your lives

    Frame 5, Jiraiya:
    I don't need your compassion! I can still fight!!

    Frame 5, Tsunade:
    Jiraiya! Don't!!

    Page 12

    Frame 1:
    The three of you are strong... Even within this strife, you survived...

    Frame 2:
    I, Hanzou... Will hereby honor you as the "Sannin of Konoha"

    Frame 3:
    In exchange for your lives, you shall refer to yourselves as such

    Page 13

    Frame 1:
    I can't believe it... How could Hanzou have been beaten by a single man...

    Frame 2:
    Heheh... This is a god we're talking about... His jutsu are quite fearsome

    Frame 3:
    But the true horror of Pain-sama is not his jutsu

    Frame 5:
    The true horror lies in his strong and ruthless heart of blades

    Frame 7:
    Those who might threaten his ideals are crushed without remorse

    Page 14

    Frame 1:
    He did not kill only Hanzou himself, but also after murdering his parents, wife, and children, he extended his terror to all of Hanzou's relatives and friends, even their babies

    Frame 2:
    And then, after burning all their houses, he turned to clients of the village that maintained connections, killing all...

    Frame 3:
    Everything was reduced to nothing

    Frame 4:
    It was judgment...

    Page 15

    Frame 1:
    Exactly like that of a god

    Frame 6, Character:


    Page 16/17

    Frame 1, "Bed" Characters (Right, Front to Back):
    One, Two, Three

    Frame 1, "Bed" Characters (Left, Back to Front):
    Four, Five, Six

    Frame 1, Text:
    There within lie the bodies of six "Akatsuki"... Who exactly is Pain, anyway!?

    Frame 5:
    Well then... time to hunt the intruder

    Witness the horror of Pain as he assaults Jiraiya! Next Issue, "Find Him..!"
    By HisshouBuraiKen

    Sorry I'm late, I was finishing up translating the Bleach Movie for Dattebayo. Expect it in a couple days!

    Page 1:
    Title: About Pein
    Side: Pein, the leader of those harbingers of chaos, "Akatsuki." The ambition in his eyes is of...

    Page 2:
    Text: A shinobi, laughing his butt off!

    Jiraiya: Spill it!
    Tell me everything you know about Pein!

    Dude 1: Guh...pfft...ghugugu...

    Dude 2: Don't give in!

    Dude 1: I...don't...ghegh...
    SFX: tickle
    Dude 2: My friend here...knows...

    Page 3:
    Jiraiya: You're a tough nut to crack, I'll give you that.
    I suppose I'll have to go to plan be.

    Jiraiya: If you refuse to talk, I'll use one of my secret techniques
    to turn you into frogs!

    Jiraiya: I said...

    Page 4:

    Dude 1: Hahahaha..
    SFX: tickle tickle
    Dude 2: What were you gonna say?!

    Jiraiya: Let's have it!

    Dude 2: Even if we're just soldiers, we're sill Shinobi of this village!
    We'll never betray a comrade!

    Dude: Don't take us lightly!
    Go ahead, do your worst!

    Page 5:
    Jiraiya: If you insist...

    Jiraiya: Ninja Art: Frog Metamorphasis Technique!
    Dude 1: S-Stop!


    Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
    Dude 2: You dirty rat!

    Jiraiya: Now it's your turn...
    SFX: Flex

    Page 6:
    dude 2: I've heard Pein-sama stays in the tallest tower on the west part of town...

    Jiraiya: Oh ho ho?
    Looks like you betrayed your comrade rather quickly there, no?
    SFX: Pat

    Jiraiya: Okay then.
    What do you mean you've "heard"?

    Dude: The truth is, no one really knows anything about Pein-sama...

    Jiraiya: How's that?

    Page 7:
    Dude: They say he's a member of the Fuuma clan...
    But no one can say for sure what he looks like,
    and there are rumors that he doesn't even exist.

    Jiraiya: I've only been here a short time, but anyone who speaks Pein's name shows him great respect.
    Don't you dare lie to me!

    Dude: In this town, Pein-sama is like a God.
    It doesn't matter if he's here or not...he gives us his protection either way.

    If there's ever a festival or an event, the specifics always come from a messenger...

    Jiraiya: He's your boss, isn't he?
    What does he gain by hiding himself from his allies?

    Page 8:
    Dude: He protects himself when situations like THIS happen...

    Jiraiya: Oh yeah.

    dude: You're not a survivor of the old Rain Village regime.
    Who are you?

    Jiraiya: It doesn't matter who I am.
    What's this about "survivors of the old regime?"

    DudE: Boy, you really don't know anything.
    You must be a stranger.

    Until a little while ago, when the old regime was after Pein-sama, they'd try to infiltrate our town.

    There's no chance of that happening now, of course...but they, like yourself, were just lucky Shinobi who managed to sneak in from outside and blend in.

    Page 9:
    Jiraiya: No chance?
    I thought there was still a civil war going on in here?
    Dude: That's not surprising, the flow of information is tightly controlled.
    The truth is,

    The war is over.
    And we won!

    That's why Pein-sama has become such a legend...he obliterated the old Hidden Rain Village, all by himself.

    Jiraiya: I don't believe you...

    Page 10:
    Jiraiya: Even if Pein is an extremely powerful Shinobi,
    the Hidden Rain's leader, "Hanzou the Salamander" was an icon throughout the whole shinobi world!

    Dude: That's right...Hanzou was very beloved,
    and getting close to him was impossble.

    He was kept under guard 24 hours a day,
    and even the youngest child was thoroughly searched before they were allowed to approach him.

    Page 11:
    Jiraiya: Then how did Pein kill him?

    Dude: I keep telling you,
    I don't know anything!

    Hanzou: This battle...The Leaf is likely to win anyways.
    I will let you three live.

    Jiraiya: We don't need your pity!
    I can still fight!
    Tsunade: Stop, Jiraiya!

    Page 12:
    Hanzou: You three are powerful...
    only you have survived.

    I, Hanzou,
    hereby dub you "The Sannin of the Leaf,"

    Refer to yourselves as such, in return for my sparing your lives.

    Page 13:
    Jiraiya: have killed Hanzou my himself...

    Dude: Heheh...It was an act of God.
    His jutsu are not of this world.

    But Pein-sama's true power don't like in his jutsu.

    His strength comes from his heart.
    He is a pure Shinobi, without even an ounce of mercy.

    He took that "ideal" Shinobi and crushed him out of existance.

    Page 14:
    Dude: He didn't stop with Hanzou, he killed his parents, his wife, his children, even his most distant relatives, no matter how young they were.

    Then he burned every last house down, and killed every single one of Hanzou's past clients, regardless of their village...

    He erased everything Hanzou ever was.

    As punishment...

    Page 15:
    Dude: Just like a God, right?
    SFX: Stretch

    SFX: Grrrrk

    SFX: Step


    Tube: 1

    Page 16:
    Tubes: 3, 2, 1

    Page 17:
    Tubes: 4, 5, 6
    Text: Six Akatsuki "bodies" rest in this room...what exactly IS Pein?

    Pein: I guess it's time to hunt down that intruder...
    SFX: Blink
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    By Carlos Net

    #369: About Pein
    [Side text: Pein, Akatsuki's Leader, summons disturbance. What ambitions lurk behind those eyes...?]

    [TN: A shinobi roars with laughter!!]
    Dude2: Gwahahahahahahahah!
    Jiraiya: Now, spit it out! / Tell me everything you know about Pein!
    Dude2: Ngh... agh... Aaaahhhahahhh...
    Dude1: Don't give in!
    Dude2: No matter what... aaaahhah... // ...happens, I will... never betray... my naka... hahah.... agh...

    Jiraiya: You're a tougher nut than I thought. // I'll have to use my trump card.
    Dude1: Wh... what are you planning now?!
    Jiraiya: If you're not gonna crack whatever I do, then I'll just have to use my jutsu to... // ...turn you into frogs!
    [TN: It's a bit of a pun. "Change" and "frog" are both "kaeru" in Japanese, to the sentence is "Kaeru ni kaeru!"]
    Dude1: .........
    Jiraiya: ......... // Tur... // Turn you into... // frogs... // ............
    Dude1: ............

    Dude2: Gwahahahahahahah!! // Hahahahahah...
    Dude1: What the hell's with you?!!
    Jiraiya: Now, spit it out!
    Dude1: We may just be underlings, but we're still shinobi of this village! / We would never betray our nakama! // Anything you try will be useless! // Don't take us so lightly!!

    Jiraiya: Huh... I guess I have no choice then... // Ninpou: Kaeru-kaeru no jutsu!!
    [TN: I think you should be able to figure out what that means.]
    Dude2: S - stop iiit!!
    Dude1: !
    Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
    Dude1: Why, you...! How could you do that?!!
    Jiraiya: You're up next...

    Dude1: ...The tallest tower on the west side of the village, that's where Pein is. ... Or so they say.
    Jiraiya: Ohhh? What's thiis? / Didn't take much to get you to do that after all...
    Dude1: .........
    Jiraiya: Whatever. // What do you mean "so they say"?
    Dude1: ...The truth is... Nobody really knows very much about Pein-sama.
    Jiraiya: What do you mean?

    Dude1: They say he bears the blood of the Fuuma clan. // But nobody has seen his face... / There are even people who think he doesn't really even exist.
    Jiraiya: I've barely been in this town at all, but even I've heard everybody speaking about him... they practically worship him. / Don't try lying to me!
    Dude1: Pein-sama is like a god to this town! / It's not a question of whether he exists or not... he is always watching over us! // Festivals, speeches, his orders... they're always handled by proxy...
    Jiraiya: He's supposed to be your chief, right? / Why would he hide his face even from his own nakama?

    Dude1: Precisely because something like this could happen...
    Jiraiya: I see...
    Dude1: ...You... / You're not one of the remnants of the old regime, are you? // Who on Earth are you?
    Jiraiya: It's not important who I am. // More importantly, what do you mean by "remnants of the old regime"?
    Dude1: Huh... Looks like you really don't know anything about us... // An outsider, huh. // Up until a short while ago, those remnants were invading and trying to assassinate Pein at every opportunity. // Well, we don't have to worry about that any more. ...No more than we have to worry about people having the luck to manage to sneak in from outside like you did, anyway.

    Jiraiya: You don't have to worry? // What do you mean? I thought this country was engaged in civil war.
    Dude1: Well, that's no surprise. We're a very closed community. / I'll let you in on it. // The civil war is already over. // We already won! // That's why Pein has become such a legend. / He conquered the Village of Rain... all on his own.
    Jiraiya: ......... // Unbelievable...

    Jiraiya: You can say that Pein is strong... // But there is nobody in the shinobi world who doesn't know the name of "Salamander" Hanzou, the chief of the Village of Rain...!
    Dude1: That's right... Not only was he incredibly powerful, but also incredibly wary... / It was nearly impossible even to get near him. // He had a 24-hour guard around his person. // They would conduct a thorough full-body search before letting anyone near him, even a child.

    Jiraiya: So how did he take Hanzou out? // What kind of ability does Pein have?
    Dude1: I told you, didn't I? // We don't know anything!
    Hanzou: This battle... Let's say the victory goes to Konoha. // I will leave the three of you alive.
    Jiraiya: We don't need your pity! / We can still fight!!
    Tsunade: Stop that! Jiraiya!!

    Hanzou: The three of you are strong...... // And you managed to survive this battle... // I, Hanzou... / ...shall hereby honour you as the "Konoha Sannin". // In return, may I have your names?
    Jiraiya: ..........

    Jiraiya: Unbelievable... To take out that Hanzou, alone...
    Dude1: Hahah... Well, that's just how gods are. / They have terrible powers. // But the truly terrible thing about Pein-sama is not his jutsu.
    Jiraiya: ?
    Dude1: What is truly terrifying... is that merciless, powerful blade... / His heart.
    Jiraiya: ?
    Dude1: He has destroyed every trace of resistance against his ideals.

    Dude1: Hanzou isn't the only one he's killed. He also murdered Hanzou's parents, his wife and children... // He went to far as to take out all of his relatives and friends, no matter where they might be, and even their children. // Then he burned their houses to ashes. He even took eliminated any operatives of the village who had had connections to Hanzou. // Reduced them to nothing. // Judgement...

    Dude1: Doesn't that sound like a god to you?

    Pein: Now... time to hunt the intruder.
    [Insert text: Six "Akatsuki" bodies sleep within the room... What exactly is Pein...?!]

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    wow i was like way off. i said the guy was danzo. thanks. oh boy were about to see a fight
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    Quote Originally Posted by gdupninja View Post
    wow i was like way off. i said the guy was danzo. thanks. oh boy were about to see a fight
    heh there was lots of people who thought hanzou was danzou for obvious reasons.

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