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    well garp vs. marco makes sense cause garp is considered the 2nd strongest fighter while whitebeard vs. sengoku would be the strongest.

    and the vigour hormones were starting to show that they were wearing out before luffy took kizarus beam in the side so im pretty sure he's out. or at least he'll be conscious but cant move his body

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    I would consider that Sengoku and Garp are equal in strength and power. But sengoku is more intelligent than Garp.

    In my opinion, I think Garp is the strongest marine that ever lived. he was supposed to be fleet admiral but he didnt take it.


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    Maybe garp will have one of his "D" naps and marco just waltzes past him haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    Lol they saw the broadcast only a few minutes ago then they suddenly appear by boat, i was wondering about that
    Quote Originally Posted by blindSharingan View Post
    Yeah, none of them really gave any indication that they were heading there either. It seemed more like they were just leaving because they couldn't watch the fight anymore.
    The rockies haven't involveed yet.

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    I want to see the Rookies in action soo bad grr!! Oda's really making the Fans excited... D:
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