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    I cried reading Tôkyô Babylon... and I continued crying reading X T.T
    I hope there will be a happy end for Seishirô and Subaru in Tsubasa...

    His mother hadn't screamed at all.
    She was his first, and for that, she would always be special.

    If you kill anyone, Subaru-kun, let it be me.
    Give me that ‘special place' in your heart that no one can ever take away.
    I will hold it forever.

    The sakura disappeared. They left behind a bloodied, lifeless thing.
    Seishirou turned and walked away.

    Let me be your first.

    (~White Hands, by Leareth)

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    When the Going Merry died... It gets me every time.

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    Oke, let me start with the Anime:

    - Haku / zabuza scene
    - Itachi killing his parents infront of sasuke
    - Naruto vs sasuke ( end of the valley ) when sasuke is lookin at naruto face down
    - Death of the 3th hokage, wtf!
    - Naruto saving Gaara from akatsuki ( chiyo's sacrifice )
    - Last 2 episodes of BERSERK!! How can you not cry by watching it ;p
    - L's and Kira's death ( more watery eyes then really crying )
    - Majin Vegeta sacrificing himself against buu


    - Jiraiya's death, WOW!
    - Itachi's death, WOW!
    - The Fourth Hokage infront of Naruto chapter

    WTF!!? If i think about it, i cried a fuckin lot ;p Naruto is just the best of the best..

    Manga/anime is just soooo fuckin emotional,..
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    When the Going Merry died... It gets me every time.
    is really really sad.

    though the anime did make it SERIOUSLY sad, with the bgm making it even more sad than it already was.

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    Never cried (:

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