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    Only time I cried was the final episode of "Venus Versus Virus", that was just depressing.

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    I don't think I've ever cried during any manga or anime scene, but there were times when I acknowledged sad things.

    Kishimoto's, Tae's, Hojo & Sadayo's, Sakurai's, Nishi's, Izumi's, Kurono's, and the little kids actual death were all pretty sad and heartfelt. When Reika tells Kurono she loves him is pretty heartfelt too, but the saddest thing in Gantz was during the Shinjuku when Tae found the baby. I was like man that's pretty sad. Gantz is depressing, but in other manga let's see
    D.Gray-man has alot sad stuff in it
    Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, and Sasori all have sad pasts
    I think the most emotional thing in manga I've seen is when Orihime confesses her love to a sleeping Ichigo. When I read/saw that I was like "yup, that's emotional", but I didn't go cry about.

    Oh yeah and Elfen Lied is extremely depressing and I will forgive anyone who has ever cried over it, but besides that no.

    If you feel like you gonna cry you need to watch this.
    YouTube - MANtage

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    same here! i cry only when watching anime (actually i cry after, since i can't cry when i'm watching it - since i'm usually w/ my bro/god bros and thts just waaaaaaay too embarrassing)

    and i also cried in merry's death! actually the manga did make me go teary-eyed though... it was sooo moving!

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    One piece is the only thing that I can think of crying in.

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    One Piece is the only one that ever made me sad. And Merry's death is the only one in One Piece to ever make me shed a tear. Seriously, that was some sad shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    One Piece is the only one that ever made me sad. And Merry's death is the only one in One Piece to ever make me shed a tear. Seriously, that was some sad shit.
    Ah, yes, that chapter, volume 44, chapter 430 "The Light Falling Snow of Reminiscence" (how odd its ingrained in my memory...) It now only has one of the most emotional double pages of the whole series, but I love Usopp's line "A time of separation has come, when men part ways, tears should not be involved in it"....ahhh...I feel so sorry for him ;_;


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Crying in manga... nope. Crying in anime, just a tear shed when I was like 11 LOL, when Pikachu didn't want to stay with Ash anymore. Hurray for emotional Pokémon!

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    I never actually cried while reading manga, but the closest I ever came was when Lavi "died"........oh gosh....XD

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    I cry very easily... I don't remember what episode or chapter of anime/manga exactly, but I cried in:... Ah, forgot...
    Zetsuboushita|ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! «°-°«

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    In manga I haven't yet to be affected, and I believe this to be the effect of it being on a still page.

    In anime, I haven't cried, but have been deeply affected by some scenes.

    In One Piece, I'll never forget when Luffy was tearing apart Nami's room in Arlong Park. After wards he screamed that Nami was his nakama. That whole scene was very touching and brought a couple tears to my eyes.

    In Gundam 00 there were two scenes that were extremely sad. When Saji seen Louise sitting in her bed with no arm when he gave her the ring she wanted. That was extremely touching scene. Also, near the end of the first season in the exchange between Lichty and Chris. Their last moments together was a brilliant scene. Finding out their true feelings on the verge of death was a cruel fate :(.

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