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    Not really, I have felt really sad though.

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    When Kurono looked at the painting of himself and started crying when he didn't remember anything, that was truly touching

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    I actually did when I saw Akane in her wedding dress in the last volume of Ranma 1/2. Might be because it was short after my first Girlfriend had left me...

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    Manga: I dont think so
    Anime: Maes Hughes death in FMA. the funeral were so sad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdupninja View Post
    i never cried but i was sad when tucker transmutated his little girl in full metal alchemist
    oh fuck this made me sad too :/

    im very emotical while watching anime or reading manga so i often lift up my hands and scream something out xD

    the last time i cried was when i watched king of lions where the father of simba dies in order to rescue him :((((
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    One piece Merry's death, him/her saying Sorry to them, and everyone(except for Zoro and Sanji) crying their hearts out, and Luffy shouting that it was their fault. The manga made me drop a tear, the anime made me cry. I know there is something else that made me drop a tear,,,, oh well i can't remember.

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    actually not while reading manga but when i was watching the yuyuhakusho anime during the sensui arc when yusuke is going to let himself die to have hiei kurama and kuwabara realease their full potential. that was heart wrenching. the music was so sad too... i think imma go watch it agian lawls

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    well....... i havent cried in any sort of movie, manga, anime, etc. but on dramatic scenes me heartrate can go up like crazy.... and some mangas and animes did manage to pull my heartstrings quite a bit

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    Cartoon Fictional Characters hoo.

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    Just once. It was when I was reading Suzuka.

    At that point in the story, Suzuka was leaving for America. This happened right after she broke up with Yamato.

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