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    never in manga but in anime sort of...
    my worst time was when sasuke saved the unconscious naruto from haku
    every time i watch that episode boo hooo hooooo!!

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    Nana makes me cry alot. D=

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    I cried reading D.Gray-man when that really ugly guy died with the doll during the beginning of the manga. I also cried reading One Piece a few times. There was also Highschool of The Dead. I really only cried to that because I couldn't believe I was reading such a shitty manga. Oh yeah... it was for Alice.

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    Never really cried while reading manga, moist eyes, but thats the extent, a lot of the flashbacks in One Piece were really moving and I really liked Nami's one, that whole "even if I were to die I still want to be your mother" thing.

    Ai-ren was also really moving, especially towards the end where Ikuru was in the house all alone and looking over the videos of him and Ai, Tanaka Yutaka really knows how to kill off characters.

    And in D.Gray Man when Miranda had to stop her time reversal and all those guys on the ship had to die, for me that was one of the saddest scenes in the manga.


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    Not really cry, but so damn close during the Merry Go burning ceremony.
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    I dont know why everyone cried during merry's buring scene, I thought that was such a stupid scene.

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    I've cried a few times... first time was YEARS ago when I was reading Video Girl Ai... don't know why, must have been something that was similar to what was going on in my life?

    I cried from laughing too hard a few times too, does that count? :0)

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    I don't know about crying in sadness, but I certainly got a little teary eyed when the Mugiwaras were standing facing the full force of CP9 and Luffy asked Ussop/SogeKing to make the flag burn...and when asked what Robin truly wanted..."TO LIVE!!!" That seen is definitely one of my favs and got me pretty fired up!

    Oh, I guess the Going Merry death was pretty sad...

    edit: oh, and that was anime. I haven't ever really been that moved in the manga.
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    Only time I've been moved emotionally enough to almost cry was in Black Cat and Flame of Recca.

    Black Cat - When Saya's death is revealed by Train.

    Flame of Recca - When Yanagi dies near the end of the series after Recca has sacrificed everything he has to protect her.
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    yea sure, I've cried
    but it was only like my eyes started hurting and got watery

    some of this manga really strikes a chord and becomes personal.. thats why i suppose

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