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    Used to cry with pokemon alot when I was little. (anime not manga)

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    The only moment I really cried was when the strawhat said goodbye to the Going Merry.

    There were other moments in One Piece where I was at the brim of crying but I did not

    And well I think I would have cried when Maes Hughes was buried (FMA) but there was somethin funny on TV at that time so I did not quite have the athmosphere for that

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    The times I think I've cried, was in TRC when we learnt about Kurogane's past. The bit about his parents really made me cry. The other was in FMA, like above it's about Hughes, the scene of Hughes funeral and his daughter Elysia asking for her dad... that was really sad for me.

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    i never cried but i got sad when jman died..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franky View Post
    I don't know about crying in sadness, but I certainly got a little teary eyed when the Mugiwaras were standing facing the full force of CP9 and Luffy asked Ussop/SogeKing to make the flag burn...and when asked what Robin truly wanted..."TO LIVE!!!" That seen is definitely one of my favs and got me pretty fired up!

    Oh, I guess the Going Merry death was pretty sad...

    edit: oh, and that was anime. I haven't ever really been that moved in the manga.
    Sure, that scene with Robin was so touching. The most one for me!!

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    Crying reading something fiction is gay. And by gay I mean happy. O.o

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    By gay I mean gay.

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    hmmm...sometimes I even cry while writing a manga's fanfiction! TT_TT
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    Quote Originally Posted by • healing rain • View Post
    hmmm...sometimes I even cry while writing a manga's fanfiction! TT_TT
    While writing~? So it means that you cry at your own story, since you're writing it. That's the good...

    I cried intensely while watching CLANNAD: After Story
    Crying in manga... Happened only that time in BECK. But I posted about that sometime in the past already ='P
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    I Cried when Nami said " Help " to Luffy. it's very sad. just imagine how long she has fight alone and at last she could say help to someone. at last there is someone or nakama that will help her.

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