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Thread: Woofcat here

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    Woofcat here

    Deadfire kindly pointed out that i lacked an introduction thread and that i should do that.

    My name is woofcat, I co-own #blood-scanlations with Umbra037. We work in joint with bludshock on the weekly Bleach release where i most often find myself yelling at people and typesetting. ^_^

    Anyways i hope this forum grows and you can come to me with any problems regarding it, i won't bite. Also feel free to message me on the IRC.

    Welcome and i hope everyone has some fun here.
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    thanks for helping create this forum I was bored and seemed to discover it right as it was created!
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    Thank you for your work on the scanlations .

    Been using bs&bs for quite a while.

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    Thanks you for what ever you do if you didnt I would die because I love manga and waiting 6 years lol isnt a choice :viking
    I'm a Manga/Anime lover.

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    Ah, evenin' Woofcat! T'is a pleasure to meet you. I'm looking forawrd to this new forum... i wonder how many more members will be joining in the next week...

    Anyway, i look forward to meeting you all!
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    hallo...same here, been long time visiting bs but no posting comments. but this is nice coz it's created just now and I can post lots of messages here. hehhe XD nice Job Woofcat.

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    Ahahah, I can't exactly say what I've got in my c+p,
    Welcome to MangaShare! Enjoy your stay, and I hope you will be active. You're about as new as me, so it's kinda funny to welcome you. Hope we can be friends in the future.
    to you. >_> Thanks for putting these forums up, hope we can be friends, for sure!

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