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I never thought Inuyasha should have cut off Sesshomaru' arm, that Goku should have defeated Vegeta, that Hiro should have won 90% of his fights, Butch shouldn't have killed Vincent, and the list goes on.

Main characters have it rough.
I don't get what you're trying to say with this.

There are LOT of main characters, even in standard shounen-fare who win most of their fights convincingly and few chapters further in the story you're still convinced that it was a deserved win. Kyo from Samurai Deeper Kyo, Himura Kenshin, and the Black Cat, for example. Ichigo doesn't fall into that category, but like I said, I'll give him time. His "random power level" also gives Kubo a perfect rationale for writing Ichigo like that.

And oh, you honestly didn't expect Goku to beat the pulp out of Vegeta, discounting a Vegeta power-up? That was the entire purpose of his training. Never read Inu Yasha nor those one with Butch and Hiro, so don't know about that.

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Ya but if you look at his fmajor fights it really should been draws.

His fight with Renji in SS left him pretty fucked up. He barely won that.

His fight with Kenpachi was a tie. Because Kenpachi was still conscious while Ichigo was out for a day or two.

His fight with Byakuya was only a win in defeating his pride. Physically Byakuya was still able to fight.

His fight with grimmjaw which took him like twice was finally won because orihime used her name chant spell to raise his defense and luck by like over 70%

His fight with that four arm dude would of been a L since they covered orihime's mouth. Had she been able to scream out his name she would of boosted his defense and luck.

That emo bat dude same thing. orihime used her chant spell and increased it by 100 fold.

So you can expect all his big victories will be due to the results of orihime opening her big fucking mouth. Chad's semi death brink and four eyes semi death defeat did nothing to really encourage him. Take orihime out the equation and bingo! Ichigo is dead.
I'm gonna compromise: I didn't say he should've lost, and a draw is still a non-win .