I just got an idea in my mind...Is it just me, or does Ichigo seem a little over-rated? I mean, take this into account...

The only fights he ever won w/o breaking a sweat were against three Lieutenants, Isane Kotetsu, Marechiyo Omaeda, and Chojiro Sasakibe. Chojiro is a lazy fat bastard, who never fights, EVER(I seriously wonder how such a fat lard-ass got into the Corvette of the Gotei 13 Divisions). Isane comes from the 4th Division, which has the weakest physical attackers in the Gotei 13. Chojiro is...Well...He used a rapier against a freakin' Uber-cleaver. How did he think that would turn out?

He got his ass handed to him by Byakuya, Aizen, Yammy, Renji, Grimmjow(twice), and Ulquiorra, his Inner Hollow nearly took him over for good, he was killed, twice, by the same guy(Ulquiorra), and he barely managed a victory against Grimmjow, who wasn't even in the top 5 Espada, and that was when he(ichigo) had Hollowfied. Hell, Aizen even managed to cut him almost completely in half(easily my favorite moment in Vol.20, hands down).

Which brings me to his so-called "victories". He managed to beat Renji okay, after breaking Renji's only real means of offense, and with an OMFG Hax Random Getsuuga Tenshou(I seriously think Zangetsu was watching this fight the whole time, and decided not to let himself suffer any further embarrassment and fired that attack off).

Next, we have Byakuya. Here is where his overrated-ness really shines. Not only did Hollow Ichigo(who will henceforth be referred to as Shirosaki) interfere and utterly pwn Byakuya, but Ichigo didn't even technically win. Byakuya SURRENDERED.

A couple hundred ass-whuppings later, Ichigo faces off against Grimmjow for the 3rd and final time, just barely scraping out a win. Almost instantly after, Ichigo gets pwned again, this time by Nnoitra Jiruga and his Fraccion with the wierd Zanpakuto, effectively canceling out his earlier win.

And finally, in his grandest display of Fail, and I mean EVER(seriously, he'll have a hard time topping this), is his second fight with Ulquiorra Cifer, the Cuatro Espada.

He begins okay enough, but only because he literally pulls out all the stops FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Anyone who plays any type of RPG, and manages to make it to the Final Boss, knows that this is NOT A GOOD THING TO DO. I mean, think about it. How many of these bosses have a couple more forms, one after the other? But I digress...

So, Ichigo comes in swinging, Ulquiorra gets shaken up. Ichigo opens up his big fat mouth and says that Ulquiora is slightly becoming more human, which pisses off The Most Badass Emo In Existence. Ulquiorra doesn't even release, he just flares up his Reiatsu, and gains a noticeable advantage. Then, when Ichigo manages to cut him(once, barely, on the cheek), he releases, and begins to totally, completely, and utterly RAPE Ichigo(not literally of course, this ins't a Yaoi manga, thank God).

Then Ulquiorra kills Ichigo, who is brought back to life by Shirosaki imitating Zangetsu's sentiments from the Ichigo/Renji bout I mentioned before. Ichigo now has the powers of a Hollow God, only without any of the sanity/mental capacity. He simply decides to return Ulquiorra's favor of waking him up with the world's most painful handshake(ripping Ulquiorra's arm off). Then, Ichigo goes and blasts Ulquiorra not only TO Hell, but CLEAN THROUGH ALL 7 CIRCLES(an exaggeration, but I like to imagine this kind of thing...for kicks, I like to imagine Ulquiorra waving at the chained form of Satan as he goes soaring past(Ulquiorra, not the devil).

Then, in what can only be explained as the ultimate Product Malfunction, the mask breaks, thus returning Ichigo to normal(save one insane orange mullet). At this point, Kubo decides to use his own Bankai and use its power of HAXXXORZ to kill off Ulquiorra, while making Ichigo lament over his 'victory', stating how 'this wasn't how he wanted to win'. You're lucky to have won at all!!!

Next, in a rather lackluster show, Ichigo proceeds to fight Yammy, in a nearly perfect recap of their first bout. Ichigo goes Bankai, lands one decent blow, then gets pwned once more, only to be saved at the last moment by two people fans were recently wondering "where are they now?".

In conclusion, Ichigo is not only overrated, but he is pretty damn weak when you think about it.

Ready, Set, Discuss!