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    Concerning Naruto (Binktopia)

    As you may have noticed we have yet to release Naruto 473. Well that's because we have been having problems with getting a steady translator for it. So after much debate, we've decided to put it on hold. What this means is that for the immediate future Binktopia will not release any more chapters of Naruto.

    Many thanks to:

    littleshrimp: Your raws played a big part in us returning to doing Naruto.

    Raw-Paradise: You guys have really helped us and the communtiy as a whole out recently.

    Fletcher: I miss you babe, come back to us someday.

    nagumo: You really helped us out with your translations even though you don't really like Naruto. Thanks bro.

    zidane: You lead us through this and there's no way we could've come this far without you.

    The rest of the staff: You guys made this possible in the first place.

    Asce: Your sister sends her regards from my bed.

    Everyone who waited for our releases, thank you.
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