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    Naruto Would Sasuke have gone through with it?

    So far Sasuke has had three chances to kill Naruto. The first came when he plunged his chidori into his shoulder (though he says he was aiming for a vital point and Naruto had used chakra to redirect it at the last moment), but the Kyuubi interrupted that when he started feeding Naruto power.

    The second chance came after that titanic fight. Sasuke seemed to be in a lot of pain, but Naruto was completely unconscious. There Sasuke chose to let Naruto live because he didnt want to achieve power the way his brother did out of spite. As he claims.

    The most recent was when Naruto, Sai, and Sakura had tracked him down after the three year jump. Sasuke had Naruto pegged, guard down with no defense, his sword about slip into his side when Sai (It was Sai right? I know that ANBU subsitute squad leader tried to stop his sword also... cant remember who did it first) got in the way which woke Naruto up out of his wierd trance...

    Question is, do you think Sasuke had/ has it in him to really kill Naruto? Do you think he's crossed over that far to take the life of a friend that considers him to be as close as family?

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    I believe he does and yet he doesnt.

    If he HAS to kill Naruto he would, but I dont think he wants to kill anyone other than those he originally intended to kill

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    Hard to say, I think they'll eventually end up killing eachother anyway. And I hope that Sasuke is the winner because he RAWKS! ;p

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    I believe he has it in him, but don't think he has any reason to. Like it or not Sasuke and Naruto will always have a bond just like Jiraiya and Orochimaru, they could never bring themselves to kill each other either.

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    Koz is right, just like when it showed Sasuke defeat all of those ninjas with Orochimaru and it was pointed out that he didn't kill a single one.
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    i think he can, but isnt going to. narutos shown really poor development for the past 3 years =/ he isnt going to kuz he doesnt want MS and get power through itachi, as sasuke mentioned.. call me uninsightful... but i think sasuke's only true goal is to really kill itachi, nothing else

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    Yep, correct. Sasuke's ambition is not to kill anyone until his killed Itachi. It's also why he told Hebi not to kill anyone of them.

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    yeah i agree with chaos and koz. i think he has adopted that cold blooded personality to kill those that get in his way but hed rather not if he didnt have to. just like when orochimaru said he didnt wanna kill tsunade and questioned why she risked her life 4 a genin. the answer because hes a future hokage.

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    I don't think that Sasuke will ever really kill Naruto. He wants to take a completely different path then his brother, and even if it means to never obtain the mangekyou, than so be it.

    ---> omfg....showdown between the two brothers >< I'm rooting for Itachi.

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