one of my current favorites.. Shaman's Harvest.. dragonfly

Maybe the sky's falling out around the babies
Maybe the world is going to spin out of control
I don't care anymore
What if I quit today working for the man
Who said I have another, well, maybe I can
its all gonna end anyway
Tell me doctor, whats the cure, for the wicked mans blue's

Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly

When the skies, fall to the seas
I won't mind
The cause is me
When the wind, blows through the trees
I want to ride
The dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly

When I come
Give me a beat
and take my advice
Just let me be

When the moon, turns black as night
When it erupts
Oh, dragonfly

*Insert guitar solo*

Don't takes so long
I'll be here before you know
See you in my mind's eye
Fly, fly dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly

and easily one of my all time favorite evanescence songs.. exodus (but then again, any song where it is just Amy and a piano will work.. She has quite possibly one of the best pure voices in music, regardless of genre)

My black backpack's stuffed with broken dreams
Twenty bucks should get me through the week
Never said a word of discontentment
Fought it a thousand times but now
I'm leaving home

Here in the shadows
I'm safe
I'm free
I've nowhere else to go but
I cannot stay where I don't belong

Two months pass by and it's getting cold
I know I'm not lost
I am just alone
But I won't cry
I won't give up
I can't go back now
Waking up is knowing who you really are



Show me the shadow where true meaning lies
So much more dismay in empty eyes