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    What are your favorite lyrics?


    That's right! Another thread in the music section!
    I was reading some lyrics from Slayer's latest album, World Painted Blood(great album btw) and i was admiring their skills in lyric writing. And while i was doing that, it hit me...Is there a thread that talks about lyrics and such. So i checked and NO THERE WAS NOT!!!
    So...i decided to make one And well, what we do is post lyrics what we find amazing to us, and therefore we post to share with others. You can rate other lyrics and give a comment on them and such. Hope this thread is flame free and no "oh this talks bad about god, AM OFFEND!!" Because if so, then your just an ignorant human. And well, go on and post and talk about it whether its the most brutal, the most beautiful, the catchiest, the funniest, the saddest, the strongest(lol) or the "best".

    Last but not least, ENJOY!

    So, after listening to World Painted Blood, i felt that fire inside to listen to all other Slayer albums, and so i did. I'm currently on Seasons In The Abyss, and reminded me of how much i would listen to this album, especially the songs Dead Skin Mask, Skeletons of Society and Temptation. Here's one of those.

    Temptation by Slayer

    Have you ever felt the need
    To see more than you can see
    Look into uncertainty
    Reflections of treachery
    Would you leave the world bbehind
    Endless life is here to find
    Can I interest you in lies
    Sell your soul for all it buys

    Play with your insanity
    Shatter your reality
    Pulsing in your blood

    I can satisfy your greed
    For now all your debts are free
    I have all eternity
    To quench all the death I breed
    Recreate the rules of play
    From now things are done my way
    None have ever won my game
    Crucified them all in flames

    Play with your insanity
    Shatter your reality
    Pulsing in your blood

    Have you ever danced with the devil
    His temptation ever summoned you
    Ever penned your name in blood
    Let possession slowly swallow you
    When you stand under full moonlight
    The attraction mesmerizes you
    Have you ever wondered why
    It seems that evil you're attracted to

    Reach out to my hand
    Step back in time's sand
    Genetic wasteland
    Far beyond death

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