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My friend says it's not good unless you download hard mode. That otherwise it's just too easy.
Yeah, the game is insanely easy...but pretty long! I am about 25 hours into it now (would be more but I have responsibilities like...a job and all that junk haha) got all the characters and yeah...it isn't that bad of game, just painfully easy. I'm glad cause I'm getting up to a point where the enemies are getting semi-harder so I can at least use my Barrier and White Magic skills cause otherwise they are just wasted. I didn't actually NEED to heal in that game until about...the fourth or fifth boss or so. And those of you complaining about the graphics clearly did not play the game, it looks amazing, especially for a turn based RPG! I mean it looks amazing if you like anime/cartoony art style, if you don't I really have no idea why you would even pick up the game let...actually why would you even be on this forum?