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Thread: D.Grayman

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    Exclamation D.Grayman losing its touch?

    Hi im starting this thread as an open discussion on your personal views on the manga "D.Grayman" [flaming is welcome]. When i first read D.Grayman i thought, "this is not my thing" then i gave it another go, read a few more chapters, and before i knew it *bang* i was hooked. The art is great, thats a given, but one of the things that hooked me the most was that the story takes the characters places others dont; Allen practically died when he vs'ed Ticki Mick and i had no clue how the artist was gonna tangible pull him out of it.

    However! [and heres where i get to the point of this thread] One of my biggest criticisms is that the characters themselves seem a bit 2-dimensional; they really dont seem like they have much too them and sometimes the dialogue between characters seems a lil...crap?. Also! Lately the art has been a lil ..."low quality"...and i dont mean the scans i mean the way the characters are being drawn. I think its because Hoshino has trouble drawing Marian [she said so herself a while back] and animating him well. So in closing i think this "5 week sicky" is just a chance for her to get back on the right footing, so good for her. I really hope D.Grayman doesnt end up crashing and burning, ive got high hopes for its "recouperation".

    P.S Most importantly i want to hear what other fans/critics think of this [especially you blud]

    Vote Above Plz ^^
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