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    Quote Originally Posted by kalakawa View Post
    I think we have atleast 50 chapters more before the crew is reunited, or maybe a mojor time skip.
    I think all of luffy's crew are in for major power ups
    Franky will upgrade himself by adding more weapons
    Robin's weaknesses is that she is physically weak, she gone to work out building that giant bridge , when she comes back ,maybe she'l have the strength to pull of the arms turning into wings move
    Chopper will learn to control his level three
    Nami will learn more about the weather, and will be able to manipulate it on a larger scale
    dont know about the rest though..
    dont know if this theory's been already posted by someone, dont usually read the one piece forums, About the Big Bear Cyborg guy transporting everyone to a specific place so that they could become stronger, like Luffy to the island thats practically the place where haki was born, Haki being the one thing luffy really needs..
    I think for Sanji he can gain more ability in kicking because he is in Kamakka kingdom but maybe a okama style kicking.
    For brook he will learn more on composing music.
    Usopp became fat that his upgrade.
    For zoro I dont have any clue yet.

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    We had a whole topic for this created like 2 weeks ago...?

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    The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

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