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    This week together with the normal chapter.

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    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP
    Mother?: Oh, how terrible!!?
    A cursed baby has been born!!
    It must be the curse of the Pirate Age!!
    Duval: Bwaaaaahnurabeccha waaahnurabeccha!

    Garp: Here, here sweet little Ace!! It's uncle Garp!!
    Ace: Aaaah! aaahh!
    Dadan?: Oh, hey Garp!!.... I mean Mr Garp, I didn't know you were back!?

    LOL at Duval having silly accents even at birth.
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP
    Shiki: Jihahahahaha..... Have you seen two of my swords? They are both top grade swords. The Outou, and the Kogarashi.
    Hannyabal: S...s.... seriously promotions!! Oooops, I meant, Shiki!!!

    Kid Lucci and future CP9 training
    Marine: Justice must be strong!! Strong!! It must be stronger!!!
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP
    Shanks: I came here because I heard a rumor about a man named Yasopp.
    Oh, and... I'm Shanks. A pirate.
    Yasopp: !

    Merry: "Going Merry".... yeah!! I wish I can make a ship like this someday.

    Zeff: The Gold Lion, eh?
    Pirate: They say he's a pirate that can fly.

    Kureha: My child is foaming at the mouth... (rest cut off)

    Gaimon: What the!? Damn!! I can't get out!!! Holy crap, Miracle Fit!!!

    Laboon: BWOOOOO!!!!
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    New info with New Pics are added.


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