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    One Piece One Piece Ch. 0 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
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    Source: AP
    Credit: Aohige_AP
    After much debating with myself, I decided hell why not, I'll post them.
    These are spoilers by Apprentice, a spoiler provider who posts One Piece spoilers on a cellphone only forum.

    Keep in mind, the only thing identifying him as the same poster is his cellphone model.
    Meaning, anyone with the same model phone could impersonate him... although that should end up having two different Apprentice posts, which hasn't happened yet. And no one has attempted to do so yet either, making his posts fairly reliable.

    But please be aware, even though he has provided accurate early spoilers for several month, I don't usually use his spoilers until Nja or someone else confirms it a few days later, due to the lack of secured identity. Due to this nature I don't consider his posts as reliable as Nja (who secures his handle with a tripcode), even if he has consistently provided real spoilers.

    Anyways, here goes.

    当時ロジャーと金獅子はライバル関係だった。金獅子はライバルと認めていたロジャーが、捕まっ た事がどうし ても信じられず、自らインペルダウンへ確認しにいく。
    しかし捕まってしまう。金獅子は自分の両足を切り脱獄する。という内容。ちなみに、センゴクが 大将の時はコ ング元帥。

    Chapter 0
    Story takes place back when Roger, Gold Lion Shiki, Sengoku and Garp were in their prime, and Roger was captured.
    Back then Roger and Shiki were rivals. Hearing that Roger was captured, Shiki could not believe someone he considered his rival would be captured by the marines, and decided to find out the truth by inflitrating Impel Down himself.
    But Gold Lion was captured. He cuts his own legs off to escape.
    Back then, Sengoku was an Admiral, and the top was Fleet Admiral Kong.
    Young Aokiji (Kuzan) is there also, he's working under Garp.
    Garp stormed out of Fleet Admiral Kong's office, even though Kong wasn't done with him.
    Kong: I'm not done with you!!
    Garp: Well I am. I don't care if you're not.

    Kuzan: Hey Mr Garp, you declined another offer to be promoted didn't you? Man, you're so cool!
    Garp: I don't want any higher rank than my current one if I plan to stay free and do what I want.
    Hey Otsuru-chan, let me on your ship if you're going out!
    Otsuru: You didn't get the permission to go, did you? No way, I don't want you on my ship. You always destroy ships right away.
    Garp: Come on, don't say that... Roger is mine, I'm the one who's gonna put an end to him.
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    One Piece One Piece Ch. 0 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!


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    Well it's really hard to believe but the spoiler actually kinda interesting to me and it also make sense. And the introduction of the former fleet admiral is really2x interesting. another big shot has been introduced.


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    Is 10th movie = Chapter 0??
    Because i've heard Chapter 0 gonna be animated.
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    I've always wondered who was the Fleet Admiral back then. Never thought we would get to know who he was though.

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    Wasn't chapter 0 suppose to be volume 0.

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    didnt know they were doing a chapter about this but it should be cool

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    Nice, this is really interesting can't wait for it to come out.
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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Masgrande View Post
    Wasn't chapter 0 suppose to be volume 0.
    Volume 0 includes Chapter 0 and other materials like sketches for the movie Oda did.


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    when is it coming out?
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