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    Bleach Soul Society = Hueco Mundo

    After reading deeper and deeper into the manga, I realized that the Hueco Mundo Story Arc is 99% the same as the Soul Society Arc. Here are just some similarities I realized:

    *Going to save the Girl
    *Everyone notices Sado's spiritual force drop/ Sado almost dies
    *Sado's last attack to Captain/Espada might have taken the enemy out
    *A weak ally turns out to be a strong one with big.. assets? Nell and Yoruichi
    *Technical Enemy can regenerate
    *Fighting of unimportant enemies (3 digited Arrancar/ Seated Officers)
    *Lazy, most likely strong Captain/Espada

    There is much more..

    My question: Do you think this is a remake of the Soul Society Arc?
    Also, are there any big ones that i missed?

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    We all know this...there's not much up for discussion.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    yeah, it's getting kind of lame. At least the ending will be different.

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    doing your mom
    i did not noticed that


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    variations are like the only reason i would read it then.

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    Well, if not a remake, there are a lot of common things. But I guess it's alright, since I loved the SS arc. Tite is just taking his time before the WW, I hope we will see something impressive. And after all the arc was pretty good: we have solved the GJ thing. I think that GJ was made up to show huw strong the espada are compared to the Shinigami: he caused trouble to Ichigo even if he was only numer 7. But exactly because he is only number 7 Ichigo couldn't have solved the argue in the WW, since in order to beat Aizen he should have been so strong that their fight would have last only a second. Plus, it was introduced Nell, Orihime's character matured quite a bit, Chad and Ishida showed their new powers, there was a first explanation abaut the menos: their levels, their habits... It showed that some arrancar (Noitora, GJ) aren't so loyal to Aizen, since they wanted to be at the top. really this arc explained a lot of things about hollows/arrancar nature and social structure, and about the idea they had of the Shinigami (Nell: "bad guith") adn we have meet a couple of good arrancars, Nell's friends (I thought that they were just monsters before).

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    WOW! u noticed this yesterday!?!?!?!?!?
    but yes, i agree with you, its very gay.

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    noticed it too. but this time thebig ones are fighting

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    both arcs are done by the same mangaka

    just kidding

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