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  • Monkey D. Luffy - Pirate King

    35 35.35%
  • Ronoroa Zoro - Greatest Swordsman

    12 12.12%
  • Nami - World Map

    1 1.01%
  • Usopp - Brave Warrior of Sea

    7 7.07%
  • Sanji - All Blue

    6 6.06%
  • Tony Tony Chopper - Cure of all diseases

    14 14.14%
  • Nico Robin - Lost Century

    17 17.17%
  • Franky - Dream Ship

    1 1.01%
  • Brook - Greet Laboon

    4 4.04%
  • All those dreams are foolish.

    2 2.02%
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    Vongola Sun Guardian jio999's Avatar
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    Imo the best dreams are Tony tony chopper and Sanji y? cuz a cure for all diseases is good and every type of fish sounds tasty lol

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    7 Warlord of the Sea allanrodelas's Avatar
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    im on chopper... if thats true it means that it will turn the medicine field really hard...
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    Senior Member Dragonflame's Avatar
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    The Netherlands
    ugh so typical luffy's dream is leading-_-

    The one dream that obviously stands out the most and which i find the most incredible is robin's dream. Her whole family(the archeologists and mom) was killed and her home destroyed. including one of her most dearest posessions.(the tree of knowledge) Because of that she gained the dream to learn the true meaning(truth) of history(which is the most powerful dream history=knowledge=power). And as a young kid was destined to be hunted down the rest of her life. During the story she had her dream destroyed when she thought she saw all ponyglyph and didn't know where to look anymore. She wanted to stop living. Then she refound her dream with her new family(nakama),desires to live again and gets rescued in the process. The rescuing is an important part because she finally was able to trust other people then herself.

    That truly is an amazing dream.

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    Being the Pirate King is the greatest one of those, but the one I'd prefer to see someday is the revelation of the Lost Century story, one of the things that keep me more intrigued about in One Piece.

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    Lord of the Boredom zone Pakkun's Avatar
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    Tony tony chopper to cure all diseases!!!

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    luffy's cus it's most difficult.

    although i think robins dream is kinda linked to luffy's, since Gol.D Roger is related to it and he was pirate king.

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    ドラゴンボールZ Gohanssj237's Avatar
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    Robin, I am interested in the history of ''The Blank Century'' myself.
    The fact that Robin was only 8 at the time that her whole life was destroyed is just tragic, so her dream has got my vote.

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    State Alchemist Monkey D. Dragon's Avatar
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    Greatest..... Pirate King.

    MY favorite... The Greatest Swordsman.

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    Persona Lover Wizzle's Avatar
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    Richmond, BC
    Sorry guys but I'll go for Sanji's dream..ALL BLUE..It's mythical and really exciting in my opinion.

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    2nd Commander of WB crew DragonSlayer's Avatar
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    I voted Luffy. When you are great like the Pirate King nobody can look down on you and you have freedom.

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