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So, hi. Aren't we all having fun reading this manga called Naruto.
A bunch of 13 year old kids with mad ninja skills chasing their runaway friends and killing their own families.
Fun fun fun.
But let's get to the cause of this manga for a bit, Masashi Kishimoto.

And his humor.

Although “Naruto” has a lot of serious moments, there are times when Kishimoto thinks “Fuck it, time for comedy.” and inserts some humor into the manga, to down the tension a bit, for example.
For these occasions Kishi created Gai, and yes, Gai is a pedophile.

Although it’s the Truth and there is no need for Me to argument My claims because I’m right anyway, I will provide proof of this because it’s important for you to know the Facts.

Gai is a pedophile

Masashi Kishimoto had a sexual relationship with his PE teacher.
This can be found in and interview with him.
He doesn’t say it directly, but thanks to the genius interviewer he let it slip.

The Interview

Here you see the interviewer ask about Gai and Lee’s relationship:

- Gai and Lee have a very passionate student-teacher relationship which is
extremely interesting to see, but what was your inspiration for this

K: When I was in junior high school, my PE teacher was very passionate... He was
a fervous teacher like Gai, and really interesting. I really liked that teacher.
Though the interviewer doesn’t ask about anything besides his inspiration for Gai and Lee’s relationship, Kishi obviously finds it necessary to add that last line.
Now watch what he does next when the interviewer continues the interrogation.

- Then, Gai was modeled after this teacher...?

K: ...No, but if you think about it like that, he wasn't at all similar to
Gai...(laugh) There wasn't really any model.

- Then, would you be happy to have Gai as your teacher?

K: No, he probably wouldn't click with me. (laugh) I think that might be a bit
*too* heated.
No! shit! Deny everything! Deny fucking everything!” must have gone through Kishi’s head when Mr. Interviewer dug a bit deeper.

First Kishi tells, with a 6 feet boner in his pants, about his awesome PE teacher and how he was his inspiration on creating Gai, and then goes like “Yeah... well... now I think about it he wasn’t really the inspiration for Gai... and stuff.”

I mean common Kishi, if you can shamelessly rip off Dragonball Z and countless other manga and anime atleast have the balls to say “I’m Masashi Kishimoto, and in junior high, me and my PE teacher were sex friends. And thus Gai and Lee were born.”

Anyway the entire interview can be found here

The Name

The name “Maito Gai” is said to be the Japanese pronunciation of “Might Guy”.
This, however, is high level bullshit.
Let Me show you where Kishi got the name “Gai” from.

I think most of you, one way or another, know of the “Fritzl case” in Austria.
In a very small nutshell, a man named Josef Fritzl had been sexually abusing his daughter from age 11 and had 7 children with her.

Now I’m sure that Kishi knows this Josef somehow, I bet it’s his former PE teacher.
Because someday for some reason Kishi went to Austria and got the idea for the name of Konoha’s Blue Beast:,_Austria

Gai sucks. The end.

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I hope my effort is appreciated.