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    Great epsiode I love some of the extras like with the ANBU talking to Itachi and they way they showed things more from Itachi's POV. Even tho its flashback we have seen knowing what you do in the manga now it makes more sense and you understand everything more clearly.

    However we cant talk manga spoilers here so on about the episodes...

    - The Uchiha arrogance was in full effect with the cannon fodder Uchiha Police force acting high and mighty. "Why didnt you come to our meeting dont you know how god damn special we are!?"

    - Notice how they reffered to Itachi's ANBU work as petty assignments unlike their uber Uchiha meetings of prime importance!

    - Something I never really noticed was Fugaku Uchiha's cloak is longer in the back with a design on the end.

    - Was nice seeing Itachi get suited up and go house to house slashing people

    - I kind of lol at the scene where it flips back Itachi sitting , Sasuke walking , Itachi sitting , Itachi walking !

    - First time seeing the Nakano shrine from the outside makes it seem like its at the border of the village with all the trees around

    - That Taijutsu scene was more intense then I thought and a bit odd seeing Itachi use his high level taijutsu and speed.

    - Seeing that Itachi clone with crows fly out of its mouth & eyes for some reason was kind of disturbing

    - The extra scene with Madara and his brother killing of some no name Uchihas for MS was disturbing. I kept thinking they would place an add in the paper "Murderous Fcks For Hire - Will kill best friend for cheap!"

    - The ogre/demon with 4 sharingan repesenting the demonic path of obtaining MS needs to brush its teeth. Thats a lot of gold.....

    - the Shuriken battle was cool but I wondered why Sasuke's chidori Shuriken took so long to cut thru Itachi's kunai.

    Anyways great double epiosdes I give it 5/5

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    Great episode its good to have flashbacks once in a while...not too mention some parts look kinda different. No complaints abt the animation from it was very fact im glad the anime hasnt cocked up any major fights too much so far so thats gd.

    I like the itachi going crazy part u could hear it in the seiyu's voice he was awesome. N yea i like the taijutsu part too the manga got me a little confused on how sasuke initially stabbed him after doing chidori on the floor...

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    Did everyone noticed that Itachi vision is blurred whe he looked at Sasuke!

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    Great episod 5/5.
    The flashback inn this episode was animated in the 1st part & with OST much far better .

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    Was waiting for Taka :3. Wanted to see this.

    A bit too much flashbacks... We have seen the past of Sasuke and Itachi like a 100 times now in a flashback.
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    Just watched this and I liked the additions to the flashbacks... also laughed my ass off at the very end when Naruto said while crying in his sleep "Sakura-chan... so you really were a man"

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