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    Ranking system idea...

    I came up with this little idea for a new ranking system...


    Members can rate other members their posts, with for example
    + 1 point - + 5 points

    They may rate the posts for reasons like:

    Sharing good info,
    Giving help,
    Giving advice,
    thanking someone for spoilers, translations or scanlations...

    but.. you have to give a small summary of why you rated that post,

    example: 9 members rate a post

    7 members rate + 4 points, 2 rate + 3 points.

    7x4=28 points + 2x3=6 Points = 34 points for a single post

    Post with 38 points\
    post with 7 points > 61 points total for all points of every post combined
    post with 16 points/

    beneath your avatar your total score will be displayed,
    this way you can see if people were helpfull...

    Somewhat of a ranking system on being helpful
    sorry if it was confusing... im kind of tired...

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    I not really in favor of any kind of user ranking/rating system. I think it detracts from the overall forum experience by giving users preconceived notions about fellow posters and causing them to moderate their opinions.

    I'm not sure what blud thinks, but I'm pretty sure woofcat agrees with me on this topic.
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    I pretty much agree with Umbra037.

    Though after browsing the Naruto forums for a bit earlier and seeing a bunch of threads peppered with deleted posts, I think something like Digg's (Bury it)(Digg it) feature might be something to look into. Where the community can easily moderate itself by pushing really worthless posts under a default viewing threshold and also give props to great posts. It wouldn't really having a bearing on the user's account as a whole though and might create more problems if a user doesn't like another user and decides to go rate down all their posts. We'll see...

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