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    I am still wondering if Madara will actually need both halves of the Kyuubi to complete the Juubi. One would think that with some of the Kyuubi still trapped in the dead demon seal, the Juubi would not be complete. I have a feeling that Madara is aware of this and actually has some method in mind to remove it. We have already seen multiple techniques that seem to involve bringing souls back from the dead. With the Rinnegan and the Eternal Mangekyou it would not surprise me if he now has a way to reclaim the Kyuubi's other half.

    Right now Madara's plan still seems to have some holes. One of them being that the 9-tails is partly sealed. It seems strange that Madara is choosing to go after the 9-tails when he does not yet have the 8-tails. I highly doubt that this is being done without a very specific purpose. There is also the problem of the Jyubi's body being tapped in the moon, does he intend to destroy the moon and create a knew one, or does he have some other method to retrieve it. That also is difficult to determine, it will be interesting to see what Madara is now capable of and how he uses the Rinnegan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreew View Post
    i kinda hope to see this badass monster (however this means to extract the remaining bijuus from their hosts, hm...)
    there should be some religious story where something similar happened, anyone know it?
    i don't no about badass, i think it's going to be an ugly dog with many eyes

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    if madara has the full power of rinnegan, and he does, he will probably have a way to release the other half....
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    it's just a dog with ten tails..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinnebadass View Post
    it's just a dog with ten tails..
    No, not a dog. There's only two options for what the jyubi can look like. Either an okami, as in a wolf, or it looks exactly like Gedou Mazou.

    However Okami are often associated with divinity and onmyoshi monks (Rikudou is an onmyoshi monk who exercise demons, the demon would be the jyubi), and it was said, that Amaterasu, the sun goddess, transformed herself into a white wolf in order to save the land, so that implies divinity and association with Rikudou's powers, so that can't be the jyubi, as I don't think jyubi had any intention of saving the people.

    It would be funny as hell if Rikudou himself transformed into a wolf. We shall see where Kishi leads with this. He could do his own take on it, meaning make the jyubi a wolf with ten tails, and have Rikudou transform into a wolf when he was in control of the jyubi's chakra, much like how Naruto transformed into a fox with the kyubi. But we saw Rikudou was in full control of jyubi's chakra, much like Naruto is now, with that fuuinjutsu. So I don't think Rikudou would've went into tailed transformations.

    I don't know what Kishi is planning but there's alot about Rikudou still yet to be revealed, can't wait for that flashback, it sure is gonna be interesting as hell. I think it would be more appropriate if Rikudou's main summon to fight the jyubi was a white wolf made of white heavenly flames, meaning Rikudou summoning Amaterasu to fight for him.
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    I'm wondering, for the juubi to be reborn does that mean the moon would have to be destroyed to get the body out? And then make another moon to cast his eternal genjutsu on the world like the so6p did.

    Or madara could just summon(time-space tech) it from the moon to where he is. Gedo mazo being the juubi's body would make it more convenient for madara I dare say, sense since he needs the moon for his eternal genjutsu.

    lol that reminds me, in dragonball z people had to blow the moon to stop the saiyans from rampaging the whole world in like 2-3 days lol.

    Either way I would like to see the juubi only because I think somehow defeating it would be the only way to stop the cycle of hatred, since the village system now is based on each village having one or more tailed beast for military deterrence, like the cold war.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximo View Post
    My personal idea is that this juubi beast is somesort of alien monster that crashed on earth somehow. Plus, maybe Juubi created a mutation in humans and wuala - Rikudou was born.

    In any case, I think that we wont see Juubi in action bcs of a simple reason - Naruto has to stay alive and thus Juubi cant be created ! Maybe we will see weaker Juubi bcs Madara might fuse biju up to 8-tails, but we wont see the full Juubi monster.

    Anyway, even as a shadow with an eye - Juubi looks very cool !! Definetaly want to see its true appereance !
    yea that reminds me of ff7 with jenova

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    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    I'm wondering, for the juubi to be reborn does that mean the moon would have to be destroyed to get the body out? And then make another moon to cast his eternal genjutsu on the world like the so6p did.
    I think you're mistaking Madara's intentions. He doesn't want to revive the Jyuubi, he just wants to use it's powers. Resurrecting it means he will have to fight it to take it's power and become a jinchuuriki. But if he did that, he won't be able to cast genjutsu on the whole world at once.

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