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    Quote Originally Posted by amma2006 View Post
    I have searched in internet about mythical single-eyed beast but i didn't find anything .I'm still looking for it.

    Ah, but there is a mythical ten tailed beast, one that rules over all others! Whether it has one eye or not is unconfirmed.

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    sorry but a giant sumon battle is kinda imposable for one mandara is dead and we dont even no if sakura can summon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stev3child View Post
    Would be an ironic twist if Naruto became the jinchuuriki of the Jyuubi instead, and brought peace to the world in the same manner that the Rikudou did.
    I was just thinking that as well, what if its easier to just get the remaining 8 tails sealed in the statue then put all of them in Naruto, he clearly wouldn't be able to control it....Then Madara would be able to control it with his MS or so he thinks until it goes out of control and Naruto wakes up to the tears of his friends and Sakura running and hugging him while getting burned up lol...
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    I found a link about a year ago that lead me to a small artical about the Jyuubi Okami (tentailed wolf), but its gone now for some reason (damn kishi)

    Oh well, this link should help shead more light on the Juubis form (an Okami)by explaining who the Okamis rival (in a way) is

    Thus setting up a fight between the Kyuubi and Juubi (somehow).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shushin_God View Post
    I found a link about a year ago that lead me to a small artical about the Jyuubi Okami (tentailed wolf), but its gone now for some reason (damn kishi)

    Oh well, this link should help shead more light on the Juubis form (an Okami)by explaining who the Okamis rival (in a way) is

    Thus setting up a fight between the Kyuubi and Juubi (somehow).
    Thank you shushin_God. That's a very good candidate for the juubi. Also if the juubi does have some sort of connection to the sharingan, then it's very well possible that it's the Izanagi no okami. Izanagi being the creator god who gave birth to Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo.

    This'll also fit into my theory about the juubi being sent to earth and Rikudou given power of the heavens in order to pass judgement on the war-mongers that lived before Rikudou.

    For jyubi to be reborn, the kyubi is needed so a fight between them is unlikely. But if it's possible for Madara to only retrieve the yin half of the kyubi from the death god's belly and reform the jyubi just using that, with Naruto still having the yang half of the kyubi, only then a fight between them is possible. If this is the direction kishi is intending to go, only then and only then will I accept Madara as final villain.

    I think it would be more awesome if Sasuke were to gain the jyubi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masgrande View Post
    They are probably gonna take the Kyuubi from Naruto, he dies, then something cheesy like the tears of his friends will revive him and make him stronger than ever.
    That gives me an idea...

    We should have a THREAD titled : "What we DON'T want to see in the Naruto Manga!!!!!"

    Can we have one of these threads THSV?

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    I personally think that way too much emphasis and build up has been put on the gathering of the tailed beasts for us not to see the Juubi be reborn. Looking back at the series the entire story seems to have been leading up to the rebirth of the Juubi. That has really been the ultimate goal of Akatsuki, even though most members were unaware of it. Not seeing the Juubi again would be almost like if Sasuke never got the Mangekyou sharingan. Things with that much build up are almost definitely going to come to pass. I think that the Juubi at least in some form, will be reborn and it will serve as the ultimate enemy that all the major characters will need to fight together. This could happen in many different ways but I think it is ultimately what will happen.

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    I haven't been around much so excuse me if I'm wrong.. But I don't see anyone talking about how the Ten Tails has what looks like a giant Sharaingan!! My friends think its far fetched. But if the Sharaingan is the Jyubi's that explains much like why it can control the other tailed beast and why the Kyubi says it has more sinister chakra than his. The fact the Ridoku was the Jyubi host is an easy explanation why the Sharaingan was passed on to his son..

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    Maybe the jyubi is another fake event made from Madara to lie the kage's at the meeting.
    He is the type of that guy.Also i think its fake because if Nagato read the statue somewhere in konoha,he wouldn't said words like:"I'm gonna teach you pain,to know what pain means and to live in pain and a peace born from pain",because Madara's plan simply can teach mankind for the pain and peace.

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    i have just been re-reading the Pain Vs. Naruto fight (for about the 1000th time), and a thought occured to me: Pains whole plan of blowing up villages in an instant and creating the 'ultimate weapon' was true, he was going to resurect the Jyuubi, releasing it on the world, causing the whole world to know true 'pain'.

    "with the power of the all the 9 tailed beasts i will build a weapon more powerfull than what it took to destroy this village" - the Jyuubi IMO.

    Which makes sense in the grander scheme, as he read the tablet too, so he knew as much as Madara did, so they had to have had the same goal "resurect the Jyuubi" or else they would have killed each other, or at the very least not worked together. What happened after they summoned the Jyuubi is where they differed and would have fought.

    If Nagatos plan had have gone ahead then i guess he would have left the statue with instructions (and the Jyuubi inside) for generations. After a while war would flair up and someone then could unleash and realising the mistake and reseal it up again (after it had fucked alot of shit up and proved Nagatos point) bringing temporary peace.

    Just an idea i had....
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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