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Mega Man Zero, GBA.

I was fighting the boss for the level I was in, a Ninja-like guy named Shadow. He took me down to my last life, when I decided to jus go al-out(read:turtle and charged attack until he died). He manages to get me down to my last sliver of health(and I was out of potions), and I manage to get the miracle shot in. Next a cutscene triggers, as it does whenever I kill a boss. No biggie.

Shadow:U-ugah...You may have beaten me...But I can still...still take you with me!

He explodes, I die, and I throw my GBA at the wall(thankfully, I missed and hit my laundry pile instead).
those were good times
yeah..you have to like..stand as far as way as possible from him..its funny because after you beat him, you have to escape go around looking for bombs he set up, and yeah..that shit is hard

hmm..i have many sad gaming moments..
i had barely defeated Zeus in god of war 2, in the hardest difficulty...and then that fucking hurricane Ike killed the power..:( never again attempted to play it in that difficulty again. power was out for like, 1 week n a half, max 2 weeks, so i just said FUCK IT.

around the time pkmn yellow, blue and red came out, i was curious about "cheating" and well, i got me a game shark. i didnt know what i was doing because i had never used one..and well, that thing erased my yellow version:(..i had 251 pkmn...the only time i ever had the pokedex complete.

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reading these i have never laughed so hard but mine is more tragic than funny. i'm playing zelda ocarina of time and i'm a the part where the master sword lights up right before link kills ganon and i swear right when link is about to stab ganon in the head for the final blow, my dog runs in and rams my tv stand knocking the tv to the floor busting the screen and the velocity at which the tv falls causes my n64 to get catapulted in to the near by wall and it effing breaks in half......i stood there traumatized for an hour before i started screaming hysterically
:(.... goddamn..thats a combo of sadness

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Pokemon Stadium 1

My little brother put in his glitchy Pokemon Red, which just so happened to have a Pinsir with Guillotine in it. Now, I was playing with a Gyarados, Scyther, Arbok, Bulbasaur, Alakazam, and Hitmonlee. My brother literally one-shot each and every one of my Pokemon, because his fucking Pinsir had a glitch that gave it infinite Guillotine attacks. What sucks more is he had the first turn every time!
really? thats weird because even though he wouldve had infinite Guillotine, that attack only has around 30% accuracy, which means..it will NEVER EVER HIT. unless your luck exceeds that of a God. unless his glitchy red version was letting him hit 100% of the time, if that was the case, then yeah, thats possible. but if he just had infinite of that KO move..then damn dude, id hate to have your bad luck