View Poll Results: How loud is your music?

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  • Ears bleeding, and you can hear it a mile (2.2 Km) away!

    5 16.67%
  • Fairly loud, but I still can't hear your voice!

    8 26.67%
  • Loud, but I can hear you.

    9 30.00%
  • Moderate, and I can have a conversation with you.

    7 23.33%
  • Quiet, I just need some background music.

    1 3.33%
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    As hard as I can hear

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    I would say that I listen to my music at an average volume level also it depends on the volume of the track if it's something with a low volume I pump up the volume a bit if it's something loud I lower it to my tastes.

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    I play that shit max when I'm wearing my studio beats, doesn't matter if I have them on or off, if I'm on an elevator, if I'm in the library, if I'm sitting in class waiting for my teacher or anything else. Niggas know what I'm listening to whether they like it or not. Real nigga shit only dog.

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    Loud, but I can hear you. With moderate and quiet music I'd have a hard time catching subtler things like the bassline or certain chords, for example.

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    As loud as possible. I work with a bunch of [censored] so I need to drown their nonsense out. Although I did get one over on them when the guys in my aisle chipped in for a radio that seems to suppress all other noise within a 100 metres radius.
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    idk if im deaf now or my earphones/phone got a limit to how loud i can go but i have it at full max and i still wish it can go higher

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    Ears bleeding, and you can hear it a mile (2.2 Km) away!

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