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    Stole this from thsv in the Naruto section .

    Since it is unpleasing to the eye to have so many stickies in the forum this thread will serve as a guide to the major topics in the forum. Chapter Discussions threads will remain where they are.

    The D.Gray-Man 'Ask A Question' can be found here

    The Bakuman 'Ask A Question' can be found here

    I haven't been active in DGM discussion so feel free to PM me if you know an important thread that should be mentioned here.

    Important information:

    1) Naming

    Since this subforum is used for 2 manga's, D.Gray-Man and Bakuman, there are some rules to naming your threads.

    When creating threads, place "DGM" at the beginning of the title if the thread are about DGM and "BKM" at the beginning of the title if the thread is about Bakuman.

    2) Spoilers

    When you want to post spoilers use the following template:

    Copy and paste the section relevant for the type of thread you're creating, code and all.

    Spoiler Thread

    PHP Code:
    [CENTER][COLOR="Red"][b][SIZE="4"]No spoilers outside this thread[/SIZE]
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractionsthere are people who do not wish to get spoiledPlease respect that![/b][/COLOR][/CENTER]

    COLOR="DimGray"][U][B]Important notes:[/B][/U][/COLOR]
    b]Along with the spoileradd the source of it and also wheter it's confirmed or fake, in case it is (if you already know a spoiler is fake, do not bother posting it).

    Try to put text spoilers in quote tags.[/b] 
    Some extra information related to posting spoilers:

    1) Try to use reputable sources when posting spoilers. Some site have been know to lift peoples predictions and try to past them off as genuine spoilers. It helps to check other sites to see if the same spoiler is up. Remember even if you're first to post you don't win a prize.

    2) Don't discuss spoilers outside the spoiler forum. It cannot be stressed enough. And saying 'I guess' in your post doesn't cut it if we find evidence that whatever information you've divulged was posted before you did.

    3) Posting any scans or raws in the forum is a no no. That's what the manga and raw trackers are for. Action will be taken based on whether we think the perpetrator should have know better.
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