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    Unforgivable! X-E

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    lol..i was also surprised raki showed up there...and rigardo was defeated without the true form of clare that defeated rigardo in the manga...and it seems like the battle of pricilla and clare might be the ending for the series....huhuhu
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    At the end of episode 23, there is a clip whereby Priscilla awakens....
    All hell gonna break loose next episode...

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    It might be for the better though, I would definitely love to see Clare vs Priscilla.

    And, I want to know how Clare will embrace Raki.

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    in some (26 ep) anime's the ending is (slightly or completely) different - compared to the manga. this is nothing new to me.

    they have to close the story somehow - big reunion, and so on.
    i enjoy the anime - but as always - i consider the manga Canon !!!

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    I'm guessing Claire goes back to normal after Raki hugs her and then Jean just dies in a corner somewhere. I really hate how they didn't let Flora and Claire spar. They just drew swords and then Jean was a wet blanket...

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    eh, it anime, it is post to break the flow of the manga because animators are lazy.
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    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Well, the animators have two choices: Break into the story, add couple extras and make the series end real fast in a logical order and fashion. Or, break into the story, add couple extras and make the series go into a completely different direction for the sake of a possible season two in a Full Metal Alchemist fashion. Since Claymore is a monthly manga series, an anime series can not possible follow it loyally.

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    Welcome to the part of the world where the animators think they can write a better story than the manga. It's screwed up, the manga is great, and the anime started out so true to the manga, now it is degrading to the point that it's getting as bad as Naruto and Bleach. How many years did it take to get Bleach and Naruto to go back to the manga? This is exactly why I hate anime half of the time. How the hell are they going to start the fight with Clair and Priscilla now? How the hell are they going to kill Flora? WTF are they thinking? Raki back in Pietra? WHAT???? Can someone put out a hit on these animators?

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    it sounds like their doing what FMA did

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