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    Naruto's time-skip Development

    I know this is kind of old subject matter but I started this thread to address the time Naruto spent training with Jiraiya was time well spent.

    I understand that some people felt a little dissappointed by Naruto's development after the time skip because their expectations where so high.So lets examine things a bit closer.

    - First I know people wonder why didnt Naruto learn a bunch of new Jutsu's so lets look at why.

    - We see that Nagato's group leanred a few Jutsu's under thier time with Jiraiya. However you have to remember they knew nothing about chakra control and had 0 jutsu's to start and where below academy level by leaf village standards. So you could see them at the end of their training being at the level Naruto was when he started his time with J-man.

    - Naruto had already developed his own style of fighting when he started with Jiraiya so thats what J-man focused on.
    The whole idea of J-mans training was to focus on building up Naruto's strengths by focusing on them. So if you happen to look at the 2nd Databook stats on Naruto you see clearly his highest stats at that time was his Stamina.

    - Its already been explained that you can increases you Stamina / Chakra capacity thru physical training like we saw Kakashi climbing a moutain with 1 hand to build up his during Sasuke's training. J-man knew that maximizing Narutos incredable Stamina/chakra would would be a powerfull tool for him to use in the future to develop more powerfull jutsu's.

    - Secondly J-man kenw that Naruto was gonna have to face of against S-class shinobi at some point. J-mans most powerfull Jutsu's where Frog based and related to his sage training & Naruto was no where near ready to start that. Even if he taught him some basic elemental jutsu's a couple of random average powerd Jutsu's may have an effect on a Chunnin or even low Jounin but would not be enough to turn the tide of battle against S-class ninja.

    - Helping Naruto to develop his stamina so he could take Rasengan to a higher level would be a powerfull jutsu in his arsenel that could use against Akatsuki. Also training to control his Tailed beast power is something all Jinchurikan have trouble doing and takes years of training to master.

    - Even Gaara had not leanred to master this form so he just surpessed it as Naruto does. The 8 tails routinly does training in his beast mode as we saw to maintain such mastery level control.

    - He also covered Narutos weak points by teaching him an advanced Genjutsu counter as well as devloping his overall skill & tactics as we saw in his battle with Kakashi.

    - However the same training methods are used by almost all the charcters by building on their strengths / the skills they already have. Take Sasuke for example his speed stood out when he battled with Haku by matching her speed. Then after training with Kakashi he took his speed closer to Lee's level. He also was taught his singature move Chidori and already had Fire Jutsu's under his belt.

    - Then look at time skip Sasuke hes simply built on these strengths with increased speed , more fire Jutsu's and expanded Chidori variants. The same is true with all the gennin charcters who just built on what they had its just some like Sasuke where more well rounded from the start so thier growth stands out more.

    Please post ur ideas and thoughts on this.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    uk baby yeh!
    i agree with you fully. The sasuke fanboys won't.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    or probably PLOT HOLE NO JUTSU on KISHI's storyline

    2 1/2-training, after that, couple of days
    training with kakashi, after that , couple of weeks,
    training with yoda

    who's the next trainor kishi
    KISHI reply's>>>> master butteenn

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    i think that people (me too) hoped in a grow of naruto as a person
    instead he's remained a total idiot, maybe worst than when he left

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    Well, it was shown that he learned how to counter genjutsu(In the Anime only I think) and probably how to effectively use shadow clones, pull out more kyuubi chakra etc..... But considering his training was really vague and not really mentioned, who knows what was really encompassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Probably just teaching Naruto some of the basics and how to make his own Rasengan.
    Well Kakashi did say that Naruto really needed to concentrate on the basics. Remember how Kakashi remarked how his timing with his clones had improved?
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    I'm only wondering why didn't Jiraya told naruto about the adavantages of using Kage bushins to increase experience..

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    Just like everyone else pretty much said in this thread, Jiraiya taught Naruto to be a much smarter Ninja, and solidified Naruto's basic shinobi skills in that time period. People forget that they are only teenagers and you can't expect them to know all this fancy jutsu in that short time period.

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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    @POW I agree with you as well. Naruto's improvement over time skip:
    Kage Bushins Timing
    Rasengan power up
    4th Tail Mini Kiubi(Depends on who considers it an improvement)
    The "Jutsu"

    Also remember that part of that time Jiraya spend injured from his fight agains the 4th tail Fox Demon. I guess well find out x sure, how the time was well spend after we witness this "JUTSU"

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    I agree with you POW. I also believe there are still a few things that Jiraiya taught Naruto that haven't been revealed yet. Much like we didn't find out about Itachi giving Naruto a special power to combat Sasuke, until much later.
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