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    Chapter 158 lenght...?

    Wasn't it supposed to be a double issue? But it is only 20 pages long :-S
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    "Double issues", if that's the exact term used, are issues spanning two weeks, i.e. there'll be no FT next week. It doesn't make the chapter longer.

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    Onemanga has a extra chapter, maybe that's it?

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    Chapter 158 isn't out yet, I believe. Unless you're actually referring to chapter 157?

    Anyway, kuroihikari is right. A double issue would mean that there will be no issue published for next week, and next issue will only be available the following week. But was the current chapter in a double issue?

    I'll leave this thread open till someone confirms with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icpt View Post
    Wasn't it supposed to be a double issue? But it is only 20 pages long :-S
    Not a double issue. It's a normal chapter + an extra chapter, but don't think the extra chapter is related to the story.

    Here is the extra chapter:

    And don't worry there will be a chapter next week. Even color pages :o.

    You can close this now Imoto-chwan~

    Alrighty. Thank you. :3 ~ImotoChan
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