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Here's a long prediction probably past 284 ( it may be a bit weird )

Ichigo learns a new move , defeats grimmjow but does not kill him so he can in the "final battle in winter" , rescues inoue before right before Uquiorra gets out and barely escapes him when he does, gets the others and they all leave hueco mundo, aizen creates new arrancar adjuchas or vastrolordes to replace the one killed in this arc.


Uquiorra gets out early and tries to kill grimjow , grimjow lets the others escape so he can kill them himself later, but Haibel steps into to stop the two and warn aizen the others escaped. Ichigo goes back to train with the vizards to learn a new technique capable of defeating both grimjow and uquiorra.

(Also I think his mask wearing time becomes longer because he is in hueco mundo where the hollows dwell for the same reason as Chad's)
agree cept for the mask part because wouldnt being at "home" make the hollow side stronger and harder to control?