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    GOD DAMMIT man i hope Ichigo won or Grimjaw at least finished the fight ...
    i dont care who wins i want the fight to end >:(.... actaully i want Ichigo to win

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    Quote Originally Posted by EruBad View Post
    my guesses will be that espadas got another Release form like Bankai. so the fight will be prolonged with another 5 chapters xD
    it doesnt look like it but we get to c how grimjow looked before he was arrancarized :beer

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    Wow from the amount of time we have seen a million pointless no plot fight between Ichigo and Grimjaw hasn't two hours passed yet and shouldn't it be about time for Ulquiorra to make his return. I predict if the creators still want to keep it's fans they better move on with the plot.

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    Why is everyone so harsh on Bleach? I predict some more powers to be revealed, or maybe the return of Ulquiorra.

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    Shock I don't think the cap's would come with the full strength of the army because the "normal" shinigamis can't harm the arancars and they would be killed with only one hit of(Kamehameha) ähm I mean with the atk of an arancar. Ahh and we shouldn't forget the soulpressure of the caps and aran but maybe they are usefull as shields

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    i wanna see ishida pull of some mega awesome quincy special attack that wont lock his reatsu away

    made by [DFX]
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    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
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    That would be cool if Ishida was able to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonMegaPLP View Post
    Well mastering the mask doesnt take years and years. It depends on the user, one of the Vaizards was able to hold their masked-state for like 11 hours (I cant remember if thats the number or not) upon obtaining it.

    It's already been confirmed that Ichigo isnt a normal shinigami, he and his friends shouldnt be anywhere near the level of reiatsu their at right now, except for maybe Ishida, but I'm not sure if Ichigo or just the spiritual location of the town would have affected him in any way. So knowing this, why are we still complaining about it?

    As for the Chapter, I wasnt disappointed more than I am any other week. Not as much occured as I would have liked, but it's a weekly manga, they are all like that in tense or important situations like this. I believe we're finally seeing something occur between Ichigo and Orihime. I think this shows us that she might mean more to him than even he knows or understands. Just those words of encouragement (dont think you can call it that...) was enough to strengthen his resolve.

    The Nell character doesnt bother me. She's a tool to help the story move along, giving Ichigo someone to protect (resolve), healing him, talking sense into Orihime (she was starting to get on my nerves with all the scared looks). Hopefully Grimjow is finally defeated so the story can move on. I'm dieing to know what's come of Chad and Rukia... Ishida and Renji are big boys, they'll be fine.
    Damn, you got all of that inspiration off of what I wrote? Wow... I just like strategic battles a bit more than just flat out attacking. Rukia might be a bit more interesting to find out about, but Chad's just like Rock Lee and Vegeta. No matter what cool tricks he can pull off or what abilities he's shown to possess, he still gets none of his winning fights drawn out in the manga or shown in the anime.

    What's probably puts Chad at an even lower level than the both of them is that in almost all the serious fights he's been in, he's gotten owned in one hit. The fight he had against that triple digit arrancar showed promise, but he still got owned when he came up against that Espada. I don't blame him though.

    I'm not worried about Ishida and Renji in the slightest. This is just like a well played chess match, or complicated math problems being solved in unique and unusual ways. That's what I like, and that's what I come here to see, other than the end of the Grimmjow fight. It'll probably be a bit more clearer to me in the anime. Fights usually are to me, since my brain never runs at full capacity when reading manga, better yet anything at all.
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    Im utterly disappointed in chad, i had such high hopes when he was introduced...i wont be happy with chad until he has full body armor. and it better look SICK, im thinkin kinda like the level 3's from DGM especially the one that fought lenalee he looks awesome

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    I think Ichigo will defeat(not kill) Grimjaw.Then suddenly ulquiorra will show up and stab grimjaw in the back, giving him a fatal wound (It's ok Orihime can fix it).ichigo will probably have his mask of at this point.ulq will then turn to ichigo and say something like "I though i got rid of you.No matter, I'll just have to finish you off this time.", then in a flash, ulq will show up in front of ichigo and strike.But ulq's sword will clash with another.Ichigo looks up and in front of him stands kisuke who just blocked ulq's attack. By this point rukia and the others are now standing near orihime Along with some shinigami captains from soul society(probably just byakuya and hitsuygaya,hopefully kenpachi too XD he's cool).By now soul society has found out what has happened and decided to do something about it.kisuke came along.If Aizen decides to act, him and kisuke will engage in conversation in a non-chalant manner.Kisuke knows about a little more than any of the others after all (considering how much he's had to do with the plot directly, and how mysterious he is, he must know something right?XD).if Aizen does show up, then kisuke would have had to kill ulq.It's hard to imagine them leaving hueco mundo, with all that's still unsettled there.It's not like they can just up and leave with orihime without being pursuited. I don't know how they're gonna set this manga up for that war.I seems like such a challenge to get the out of hueco mundo and have it make sense.if they do, it'll take a lot of chapters.

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