I feel like I'm totally lost. The last two chapters we've gotten make me feel like there's a huge gap, but not like a time skip, but more like, missing chapters gap. I'm confused. I don't know how Allen got to where he was, and then how he got to where he was fighting Tyki where everyone else was at already. I know he has control over the ark, but this "I'm here" "nope, I'm here now." stuff is REALLY irritating. I feel like all the character and plot around Lavi, Lenalee, Allen, Kanda, Krory, etc, has all been lost WITHIN the ACTUAL plot. Instead of connecting, and involving them, its excluding them for the sake of the story moving along... at a fast pace... too fast. I miss the way it was like, back in the Ark arc... haha. Oh, um, right back to my point--I HOPE the next chapter has more Allen, and Kanda, and maybe it'll tell us whats happening with Lenalee and Lavi... At the very least, let's be a little clearer with this Kanda mess, because I looking forward to it a LOT, and I'm too confused to enjoy them actually explaining his past.

That's all. I'm done for now. Yay new chapter... >.>