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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus N View Post
    Once again, after Kenpachi got used to Nois hierro and got warmed up the was able to cut him just fine with one hand and eyepatch on, where you all are getting that he needed 2 hands to even cut him Ive got no idea.
    whoops sorry my bad. kenpachi can cut off an arm with 1 hand no eyepatch. When he still had his eyepatch on he can do some damage but he wasn't able to fully cut off any arms. But still, it reinforces the idea that noitora has the best hierro. Better than yammy's one.

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    Something wil go wrong in the garganta then Ichigo+unohana cocktail n a super saiyan ichigo wil pop out in tha real world n smack aizen in tha butt

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfox87 View Post
    Yes, but that was Noitorra in his UNRELEASED form. Then, eventually Kenpachi's eyepatch came off and he was able to give him a big slice. After Noitorra released, he was able to cut off one arm, but he grew it back. Noitorra with 4 arms was just too much defense for Kenpachi and that's when he was forced to use Kendo. I would think for Espada 0, the amount of mass that needed to be cut was waay more than a skinny little arm of Noitorra.

    Yeah, he was to much defense for Kenpachi to get through, he would still be able to cut him though if he could only connect with the hits.

    Yammy is probably something like Ikkakus Bankai, lots of attackpower but fragile to use

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    Mmm, Kenpachi action - I just love that guy!


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    so im assuming this will happen. Byakuya/kenny owns yammy, skip back to shinji n co vs aisen with shinji still having a cry, then a move is made by either side. Then u see a double page of every1s face like O_O (imagine the ol' reiatsu presence scenes).
    Every1 turns up to look and its ichigo WITH (WITH) his bankai clothes back to normal somehow and every1s like WTF.

    Then unohana:

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    Ichigo and Unohana come out of garganta
    Ichigo face is pale, his whole body shaking, struggling to stand up, deprived of energy
    Unohana just fine
    Ichigo will claim it's Mayuri's fault, but we all know it's because he became Unohana's bitch.

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