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    None of em dies. Easy as that. Who saves them is another question.

    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    i think that Rukia is dead and sado is getting more power cause they said his spirit force is fading and they did not show Noitora finishing him off,, sado is becoming a real devil,,no one realy knows his power
    I don't like posting the same pic twice, but I can't really help it here.

    I seriously can't understand where your logic comes from.

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    What is up with Rukia and Sado?!

    *annoyed* Just you add Grimmjow to that list now to... Really sometimes I just stop and wonder why KT doesn't seem to think we would like to know what happens to those who hit the ground with their gut pouring out...
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    well what I am going t say may sound stupid but believe in the promise man believe in the promise...

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    This topics over 2 months old, and we know that Rukia and Chad are both alive.

    Don't post here.

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    Good point, thread closed.


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