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    Bleach What is up with Rukia and Sado?!

    Just wondering what your thoughts are.
    Could they really be dead?
    I am 99% sure that they will come back, but if I lose Sado, I can't read this anymore.
    (And I don't really care about Rukia)

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    Rukia is my favourite character so if she died I'd be crushed. However, I don't think she's dead as she just seemed seriously injured and not dead. Unless no one goes to save her soon, I think she'll be alright.

    As for Chad, didn't they mention somewhere later in the arc how he still had a little bit of reitsu showing? I'm pretty sure they hinted somewhere after his fight that he was still alive, albeit in serious condition.

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    i think rukia's still alive but i don't know if the same can be said about chad. but it's possible that they both could be alive.


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    They're both was incredibly gay to give Chad an apparent awesome power up then to have him die within the first like 20 chapters of the arc. Rukia is also my favorite character so she better not die damnit.


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    yeah there just like lying there knocked out. we will probally see them again when someone comes to their rescue. yeah i agree with spade to upgrade chad and to then kill him would be gay

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    at least they didn't have him lose to Yammy. I would have stoped reading right then. also, i'm surprised that rukia and sado haven't even been mentioned since they lost/drew their fights. it makes you wonder if they were found by another espada or the execution squad.

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    i think that Rukia is dead and sado is getting more power cause they said his spirit force is fading and they did not show Noitora finishing him off,, sado is becoming a real devil,,no one realy knows his power


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    Rukia will not die, I am like 99.999999999% certain of that.

    Chad, on the other hand, while I love him to death, may die.

    The only reason I say this is because there is a great theory floating around (I think I read it a MH, but I don't remember.) that if chad dies, he will become a full hollow(Both because of his powers and his desire to protect his friends) and that aizen will find him, power him up and have him fight ichigo.

    That is the only reason that I think chad will die

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    you make a good point there, it's possible Chad might become an espada. As for rukia, she's probably not dead, because no one important has ever died in bleach, but if she died it would kind of make sense, she died avenging kaien and after all that speech that kaien gave her about leaving his heart to her after dying, maybe she'll leave her heart to ichigo, or renji, or wtv...

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    After all this time oue should die even due to a simple cut on the finger, by the loss of blood. Really, you can't judge time in the regular way in this arc: Noitora spent a lot of time going to Ichigo's place, so you can't really guess how much time it is since Chad is beaten up on the ground (not much, I guess). Obviously they will survive, probably Renji and Ishida, who seems to still remeber their mission (that isn't to take out every espada who is in the way), will go and take them (Ishida was the sneaky one during the SS arc, after all). I doubt they will encounter another espada, since Ishida can't rely on another item like the last time, so he has already shown the peak of his strength, and he shouldn't be ble to take out any of the top rated espada (well, maybe they will put on his way a dumbass like Yami, just to show that after all the training wasn't a waste).

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