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    spoiler pics

    Soruce: JJT
    Credit: ID:xxqL1F3SO
    Verification: Confirmed

    There's no point reposting pictures - thsv
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    hes the fourth one from the right Vortex Spider Squardo

    if they´re real it´ll be a REAL war with the revolutionaries joining in
    reading manga and condorito

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    Whitebeard got stabbed, oh lawd jesus.
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    This would be a better angle to refresh about Squardo. Middle Panel.
    So, Whitebeard is looking for him. I think he is a little suspicious.

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    One Piece

    Source: Aohige_AP from AP forums
    Verification: Confirmed

    Nja first post
    Chapter title: Maelstrom Spider Squad
    Cover image: Robin smiling beautifully, and a flock of spotbills behind her

    Sengoku says we weren't able to completely surround you, but we CAN sandwitch you from both sides vertically!
    He orders over 20 Kumas to attack at once, and the Kuma army advances while spamming lasers.
    Kizaru stands before Luffy and tells him to go back to the starting point, and kicks him away.
    However, Jinbei catches Luffy. As they both plan to deal with Kizaru, 5~6 WB Division commanders appear and all rush to Kizaru.
    One of the commanders yell Strawhat... Don't let a measely Admiral stop you.
    Luffy complains back at him, and rushes forward.
    Kizaru says Oh my.... we got even more troublesome folks to deal with.

    Sengoku: Have all the broadcast been interrupted yet?
    Marine: No sir, one of the camera has been surrounded by the prisoners, and cannot be stopped!
    Buggy starts selling his name on the camera.
    He brags on how he used to be a crew member of the Gold Roger, he was like a brother to the youkou Redhaired Shanks, I don't die even when sliced up by the strongest swordsman in the world, I am Buggy, Buggy the Clown!!
    Sengoku is worried about this being broadcasted will hurt marine's image. He orders the marines to shoot and kill them.

    Meanwhile, Mihawk vs Vista. They see Kumas advancing towards them.
    Mihawk suggest they both pull back their swords for now, for both of their sakes.
    Vista obliges, and they stop the duel.

    Moria is seen alive and well, fighting the 10th division commander.
    Squad appears behind Whitebeard, and starts walking towards him with his sword drawn.
    Then he suddenly stabs Whitebeard, and the chapter ends.
    Nja 2nd post
    Whitebeard: There you are Squad, there's something I want you to do. I'm heading to the front lines!
    Marco: Squad... what is he doing over there
    Squad, bleeding from his forehead: Man, the guys back there are getting trashed. They're surrounded on all sides, and are about to go down....
    Whitebeard: .....
    Squad: Whitebeard pirates are really great, aren't they?
    They all go rushing in putting their lives at stake from just one command from their leader.

    Squad rants on as he advances to Whitebeard, then suddenly unsheathes his sword, spins around and stabs Whitebeard.
    Whitebeard's eyes turn white, and Marco, Ace, Luffy and others stare at the scene with confused look on their face.
    Nja 3rd post
    None of the new Division commanders were named, other than 10th.
    Moria said his name. That robot looking guy.

    Of the The 5~6 commanders rushing at Kizaru, I only remember a kimono wearing dude with a gun that looks like a chick, and bunch of guys.
    (Nja isn't sure of the gender of the gun tooting kimono chick, lol)
    Nja 4th post
    Sorry, I forgot the name Moria called him by....
    Moria was hinting something at him though.
    Moria: Hey, isn't it awesome you're gonna get to see both Ace and Whitebeard die in front of your eyes? Right, 10th Division commander somethingsomething?
    10th DC: I won't let you have Ace OR pops!!

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    ah god damn, seems like the spoiler fits, i mean about squardo and all, didnt even notice that middle panel O_o

  7. #27 i said before.px army is not a big deal.even a subordinate,bug bug man can handle them.

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    new spoiler doesn't include bug bug man, but concludes vista vs mihawk fight.

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    damn so bug bug man is fake lol.

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    finally someone dies:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::yuppy

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